How To Maintain Sideburns

Today, facial hair is gaining popularity in the world of men’s grooming and hairstyle. Men are beginning to choose sideburns as a way to frame the face without having to resort to a full blown beard. Getting sideburns, however, requires maintenance procedures to keep the hair on your sideburns soft and clean. Here’s how.

Provide extra attention for your sideburns. The sideburns are usually a forgotten area when it comes to grooming, since they are not usually covered by shampooing for the hair or cleansing for facial skin. To keep your sideburns clean, make sure that you use the facial wash to clean the area surrounding the sideburns. During shower, dab a little shampoo onto your hands and create lather. Apply this to your sideburns and massage for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. You can also apply conditioner occasionally.

Trim your sideburns. Use a soft towel to make sure that your face is dry before rimming the sideburns. Use the direction of your sideburns’ growth to trace the trimming pattern. Comb the hair in this direction and get a trimmer or electric razor to trim the hair. Make sure that you hold the razor in a vertical position, adjacent to your face. Trim with a downward motion, starting from the top.

Invest in a dedicated sideburns trimmer. For most people, trimming the sideburns and cutting it down to shape is done in the barbershop. If your hair grows very slowly, however, it may be more economical for you to trim the sideburns yourself instead of visiting the barbershop just to get your sideburns trimmed – even when the rest of your hair is short. For trimming your sideburns at home, try sideburn trimmers such as the Remington Precision Deluxe.

Purchase a trim guide. Sideburns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can change the size and shape of your sideburns according to your hair length and facial shape. To easily do this, get a sideburns trim guide, which will give you a variety of sideburn patterns. You can also check out online sideburns trim guides that will allow you to select your facial shape and hairstyle, after which the site will search for the best sideburn shape and size for you.

Use moisturizer. After trimming, use a moisturizer to protect your skin. A moisturizer with sunscreen is highly recommended. Do not use an aftershave because most aftershave products contain alcohol that makes the skin dry. When choosing moisturizers, select those that are water based and oil free, to prevent the pores from clogging.

Make it a routine. Your sideburns should be trimmed at least every two weeks. Make cleaning and moisturizing a part of your daily hygiene routine.

It is easy to maintain sideburns, once you have learned to incorporate it into your every day hygiene routine. With only a trimmer, cleanser, and moisturizer, keeping your sideburns clean and looking healthy is possible. Through well kept sideburns, you can complement the shape of your face to make you look good.


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