How To Make a Beaded Wire Ring

Just when you thought beadworks are only possible in necklaces and bracelets, this set of instructions will teach you how to create your own beaded wire ring. This unique jewelry piece will also add variety to your bling collection. Wouldn't it be hip to match that pink beaded necklace with a green beaded ring? Truth be known, those who have started making beaded accessories have gotten hooked to beading and even earned from it. Aside from the fun you get from creating various pieces, you may even be even doing mother nature a favor. Leftover beads may be recycled into accessories instead of throwing them. You may not only be a budding fashion icon but also an environmentalist. How about that? So get all your beading materials and let's get this started.

You will need small beads, preferably flat ones. You don't want to leave bead marks on your ring finger or wherever you prefer to wear the ring. Besides, you need to consider comfort in fashion as well. You should also pick an elastic nylon thread to slip the ring in your finger comfortably and keep the beads in place.  Prepare other materials such as a pair of pliers, various designs of seed beads, and crimps.

Once you have gathered all your materials, the instructions below will guide you in making your own beaded ring.

  1. Cut about five inches of nylon wire, using your pliers. You may use a longer wire depending on a finger's circumference.
  2. Choose a center bead and slide it in.
  3. Insert two larger beads into the thread. They should be placed at both sides of the small bead.
  4. This part may be tricky, but you only need to concentrate just like how you focus when slipping a thread into a needle hole. Slip a small bead on both ends of the thread.
  5. You should now have a loop with three beads. Pull both nylon ends tightly to keep them in place.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your beaded pattern is long enough to fit your ring finger (or wherever you plan to wear the jewelry piece). Remember, however, to skip a small bead on your last loop set.
  7. You have to knot the tail ends without showing the tiny bunch. You do this by sliding the ends through the small bead you had slid (step 2). Tie both ends, using an overhand knot.
  8. Finally, trim off the excess cord.

You now have your own beaded ring! Be creative and let your imagination run wild in making accessories you have always wanted to wear or give as gifts. Create as many patterns as you like. This hobby could even open doors for business opportunities. You don't need much to start making money out of your skill. Remember that. Wouldn't it be nice to get paid and have fun at the same time? These fashion accessories can also save you money when you need to buy presents for your family and friends. They even add a personal touch to your gift-giving ideas. 


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