How To Make a Blueberry Facial Mask

Putting on exfoliating mask

Your face is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It is the face that is constantly under exposure from the sun and elements. Whether walking along a busy street or getting a tan, the face is constantly at risk – whether from pollution emitted by passing cars and vehicles, or from the UV rays from the sun. If you think that your face is showing signs of aging, is beginning to be afflicted with acne, or simply needs some love and care, try the blueberry facial mask. Here are steps for you to follow.

1.    Purchase the following in your local supermarket:

  • Mixing Bowl
  • A Kilo of Fresh Blueberries
  • A Kilo of Plain, Organic Yogurt
  • A Kilo of Fresh Lemon
  • A Liter of Pure Honey
  • A Pack of Oatmeal
  • Small Bowl
  • Towel
  • Re-sealable Container
  • Electric Blender

2.    Wash the blueberries and let it sit in a bowl with water and salt. Mix the contents gently to rid the blueberries of any chemicals or impurities. Remember that the fertilizers used in some types of blueberry farming can be cause adverse reactions for sensitive skin.

3.    Place the blueberries inside the electric blender. Use these to soften the blueberries to a pulp. Try to hold the ground berries with your clean fingertips to check if the mixture is processed enough. The texture should be soft, with small granules that are fine enough not to cause scratches on the skin.

4.    Slice the lemon and remove the rind, which is the rubbery cover surrounding the lemon. To make your facial smell even better, you can use grate the rind to extract the lemon oils. Lemon also has the Alpha Hydroxy compound which is a usual over the counter treatment for acne. This is also used to tighten pores and to remove oils, dead skin cells, as well as other types of facial impurities.

5.    Add the raw oatmeal, and then mix the new contents together until it becomes creamy and smooth.

6.    Expand your pores through the use of hot water steam. Use a towel placed around your head and over the steaming bowl of hot water. This will prevent steam from escaping, and will help to quickly open your pores.

7.    Lather the treatment on your face for a few minutes, and use your fingers to lightly massage your face. This will help get the treatment into your face.

8.    Let the blueberry facial treatment settle in your face for a few minutes. When the facial mask begins to dry up, you can begin rinsing your face.

9.    Dry your face with a clean towel. Use light tapping motions to prevent the skin from being distended. You should also use oil-free facial moisturizers to tighten the pores and seal the face from dirt.

You can also make use of these ingredients for a blueberry toner! Instead of lemon and oatmeal, use honey and oatmeal instead and follow the same steps.


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