How To Make a Bow for a Headband

Finish off your homemade headband with a cute little bow. Although flowers and other kinds of adornment can make your headband a standout, nothing beats the classic bow decoration. What’s nice about a headband bow is that it is pretty simple to make. Here’s how.

  • Gather your materials. You have to make two bows for this. The first bow consists of four ribbon spikes about 1.5 inches in width and 6.5 inches in length. The color is a matter of preference. For the second bow, you need a ribbon that is 1.5 inches wide and 30 inches long. The color can be the same as the first bow, but better if you choose one that is a shade lighter or darker or one that is completely contrasting. Again, the color depends on your personal preference. Prepare 3/8” ribbon (preferably in the same color and design as the spike ribbons or the long ribbon), thread, and glue.
  • Make the first bow. Begin by laying two of the four ribbon spikes on a flat surface, one over the other. They should make an X figure. Then, lay the last two ribbon spikes over the first two, making a slightly close X. Next, bind the center of your ribbon spikes with a thread to join them together. Make sure to make a tight knot. Set aside the first bow.
  • Make the second bow. Get your long ribbon and mark the center. Make a small loop with the first end of the ribbon, its tail sticking out. Get the other end of the ribbon and make another small loop. Bring the tail under so that you will make another small loop right beside the first loop. Grab the tail of the first loop and fold it to make the fourth loop. Make sure the four loops are equal in size. If not, adjust the loops by pulling the ends of the ribbon or pushing the tips of the loops outward. Now, wrap the thread over the center several times and then knot. Your bow should have four small loops and two small tails beneath.
  • Arrange the first and second bows. Put the first bow over the second bow. Join them together using the thread. Make sure to make a tight knot. Then, get the 3/8” ribbon, and use it to bind the center of the joined ribbons. Glue the ends of the 3/8” ribbon together. Your headband bow is not complete.
  • Glue the bow to the headband. Grab your headband and mark where the bow should be. Preferably, it should be three inches from the ear. You can use either a clear glue or glue gun in attaching the bow headband.

There are several headband bow variations. Some are more complicated to do, while others are as simple as the one we discussed above. But for as long as you know how to make loops, you can make any bow variations. Just remember to choose a ribbon that is easy to hold and will match the headband. Some of the most widely used ribbons are grosgrain, gingham, satin, and silk.


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