How To Make a Boy Scout Neckerchief

The Boy Scout neckerchief is more than a uniform accessory. Back in the early days of scouting, neckerchief served practical purposes such as dust protection and facial disguise. When the neckerchief was introduced as a Boy Scout uniform accessory, around 60 neckerchief uses were developed, which included its use as a first aid tool. The Boy Scout neckerchief is clearly a practical clothing article, which, along with other Boy Scout paraphernalia, represents the valiant boys of America. If you want to make your own Boy Scout neckerchief, here is a guide.

  • Buy your fabric. You can buy your neckerchief fabric from any fabric store. If you wish to make several neckerchiefs, it will be best if you buy a bolt at a discounted price. The color to choose depends on several factors like Boy Scout troop or district.
  • Cut the fabric. The neckerchief measures 32x32”, but you need to cut the fabric with one-inch seam allowance. Cut as many squares as needed. But make sure to use a sharp pair of scissors to prevent fraying.
  • Sew the seam. Fold the seam allowance on all sides; Secure the allowance with basting pins. Then run the neckerchief under the sewing machine to hem the seams. When done, remove the basting pins. You must now have a 32x32” neckerchief. Do the same thing to the other cut materials.
  • Add identification designs. Traditional Boy Scout neckerchiefs are plain. But if you want to put a patch or image on your neckerchief, you can do so. Just remember that the patch or image should be a clear representation of your troop and not just a meaningless design.
  • Fold the neckerchief. The Boy Scout organization expects every boy scout to know the proper folding of the neckerchief. Folding involves rolling the neckerchief toward the center. To start, fold your neckerchief diagonally, forming a triangle. Then roll the triangle’s long side to around three inches. There should be around six inches of unrolled neckerchief that hangs from the back.
  • Wear the Boy Scout neckerchief properly. Proper wearing of the neckerchief is also of utmost importance. Boy Scout top officials consider improper wearing as disrespect to the organization and its decrees. The neckerchief is designed to be worn on top of the collar, not under. It can be tied or secured with a slide. To knot, begin by wearing the neckerchief around your neck, with the right end around three inches longer. Get the right end and bring it over and under the left end, making the first knot. Repeat this to make the second knot.

Square the final knot. Both ends should be forming an inverted V. If you are going to wear a slide, simply slip the ends through the slide and push the slide up to where you usually make a knot. Then knot the ends together. Using a slide is preferred by the Boy Scout organization since it can release the neckerchief much faster in case of an emergency and can be used to adjust the neckerchief during extreme weather conditions.

As you see, Boy Scout neckerchief is more than just a piece of cloth worn around your neck. So if you are going to make and wear one, keep in mind that you are representing and upholding the integrity of the Boy Scout community with it.


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