How To Make a Bra Purse

Are you in need of a tiny purse for a night out? Maybe you want to recycle your old bra into something useful. Believe it or not, you can do both. Follow these instructions and you can make a bra purse.

Materials and Tools
Bra (new or gently used)
Needle and thread
Decorations such as beads, ribbon, fringe or buttons

  1. Decide how you want the bra purse to look. It is best to design your purse before you start putting it together. Decide if you want a fringe with decorative beadwork or you want to accentuate the lace of the bra itself by using less embellishment.
  2. Choose the bra size. If purchasing a bra specifically to make a purse, you should choose the size that suits your needs. Both A and B cup bras are better suited for change purses while larger cup sizes make larger purses.
  3. Wash the bra. This is especially important if you are recycling an older bra. Even new bras benefit from being washed before you start working with them.
  4. Remove the underwire (optional). If the bra has an underwire, you can remove it for a more flexible bag or leave it in if you want the bag to maintain a bra-like appearance. To remove the underwire, simply cut a small slit in the fabric around the wire, at the end of the cup. Once there is a hole, you should be able to slide the fabric back and gently pull the underwire out.
  5. Remove one of the bra straps. Using your scissors, cut the thread holding the strap to the top of one of the cups. The remaining bra strap will be used for the handle of the purse and can be adjusted to the length you prefer.
  6. Fold the bra in half so that the cups line up. With this fold, you should have a small purse with the strap at the top and a curved cup at the bottom.
  7. Sew the purse. Using the needle and thread, sew a seam around the edge of the purse. Leave the top one inch to two inches open on either side of the strap. Make the seam stitches close together so there are no gaps or holes in the purse.
  8. Decorate the exterior of the purse. Using the decorative elements you selected, decorate the bag. Try sewing some fringe around the bottom seam to dress up the bag or apply some beads to give the bag an evening look.
  9. Wear the purse. Match the purse to your outfit and head out the door to show it off.

A bra purse can be a fun and exciting accessory. Show your creativity and individual style by creating a fun bag with these simple steps.


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