How To Make a Bridal Chignon

Having chignon style

A chignon, or bun, hairstyle is easily one of the most glamorous, yet simple, hairstyles to achieve, making it ideal for bridal hair.  Although some chignons may look complicated, they are quite easy to execute, and can be ornamented in many different ways.  Here are some steps to creating the perfect bridal chignon.

First, determine your hair type.  Is it thick or fine, curly or straight?  How long is it?  To create a bridal chignon, your hair must be long enough to gather into a low ponytail.  Bridal chignons look best when they are on the larger side.  However, if you have fine hair, or your hair simply doesn’t make a large bun, don’t worry!  For a perfect chignon, all you need is a doughnut.

A doughnut is a piece of mesh circular in shape, with a hole in the center (hence the name) that serves as a base for a bridal chignon.  This gives heft to the bridal chignon even if you don’t have a lot of hair.  Doughnuts can be found at any beauty supply store and are quite inexpensive.

To create the bridal chignon, first you must prepare your hair.  If you wish the front of your hair to be very sleek, you may wish to straighten it with a flat iron first—this holds especially true for ladies with wavy or curly hair.  You can also work with your own natural texture; soft waves look romantic and a bit retro.  However you decide to style it, you should coat your hair with a small amount of anti-frizz serum or lotion to avoid flyaways and to get a polished look.

  • If you are using a doughnut, put your hair into a low ponytail.  Place the doughnut over your hair and pull it through the center.  Take small sections of your ponytail, wrap them over the mesh so that it is fully covered, and secure with a u-shaped hairpin.  Continue in this way until the whole hairpiece is covered with hair.

  • If your hair is longer or thicker, you do not need a foundation.  Start with a low ponytail, as above, but take the ponytail and twist it.  As you do this, the hair will start to naturally curl back on itself.  Take the coiled hair and start wrapping it around the base of your ponytail, securing every so often with a u-shaped pin.  As you finish, tuck the ends under and secure them with smaller pins for a sleek look.  Your bridal chignon is finished, so just spray with some hair spray to hold the style.

After creating the bridal chignon, you may accessorize it according to the style of the bride’s dress.  Flowers, jewels, and ribbons can all add panache to an elegant bridal chignon.  Indeed, this simple style is a wonderful choice for a bridal hairstyle.


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