How To Make a Clippy

The way that the economy is going, and with Christmas nearing, a nice project to get into is to make your own Christmas presents to give away. The best thing about this is that the recipient will receive a unique gift straight from your heart. One cool thing to make are clippies. A clippy is otherwise a metal hair barrette. As clippies are usually plain and unattractive, decorating them will give the wearer a unique look. There are different clippy designs, so you can make them according to your friend’s personality.

  • What you need. You’ll need 3/8-inch wide grosgrain ribbons, a glue gun, a snap clippy, crafting wire at about 22 gauge, wire cutters, scissors and glue.
  • Getting down to business right away. Snap open the clip. To warm up your hot glue gun, insert a glue stick then plug the glue gun into the socket. Once it is hot, put a small dot on top of the clip that is usually visible when worn. Carefully cover the area with your ribbon and use your fingers to hold it in place until the glue sets. Carefully line the sides of the metal top with glue and press against the rest of the ribbon to cover the rest of the clippy.
  • Trim the ribbon. But leave an inch hanging off the end of the clippy. Carefully put glue in this area and fold this over the underside of the clip.
  • Make your bow. With the grosgrain ribbon, cut two pieces at five inches long. Take one piece and fold both ends so that the ends meet in the middle. Then fold in half and do the same to the second ribbon. Overlap the two ribbons so that they from an “X”. Get your wire and secure it around the center. With your remaining grosgrain ribbon, cut a piece enough to wrap around your bow, so that the wire remains hidden. Secure with glue. Then, on the underside of the bow, put a drop of glue. Carefully position the bow on top of the clippy.
  • Cute Octopus clippies. If you plan to give clippies to young kids, you might want to consider making Octopus clippies. You’ll need 3/8 inch ribbon, scissors, a lighter, googly eyes, a one and three fourths prong alligator clip and a glue gun. Cut one ribbon at 3 ½ inches, two at four inches, and one at seven inches. Take your lighter and swipe the flame quickly through the ends of the ribbons to keep them from unraveling. Fold one of the four-inch ribbons into a wide “V”. Glue it at the fold. Take the 3 ½-inch ribbon and drop a tad of glue in the middle and put the folded corner on the glue drop to form a “K”. Repeat with the second four-inch strip. Fold your seven-inch ribbon into a cancer awareness ribbon, with a loop on top. Glue where the ribbons overlap. Flip this over and glue it at the “X”. Then glue to the middle of the 3 ½-inch strip where all the other ribbons are glued together. Add the googly eyes to the loop to make it look like an octopus. Then glue to the clippy.

Experiment with clippies by using your imagination! There are so many designs you can make. Browse through the net and see which designs you think are feasible.


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