How To Make a Coffee and Egg White Exfoliating Facial

Are you a certified coffee addict? Do you know that caffeine can dehydrate and dry out the natural moisture of your skin? There is truth in that coffee is a known anti oxidant. However, too much of a good thing can also be bad for you. Or is it? Coffee may give your heart that jog and hum in your day but there are other benefits to consider that are not of the usual fare. If you see yourself in the mirror with fine lines beginning to draw out your face, it may be time to have that much-needed facial. How about a fresher face for breakfast? The idea of coffee and egg for breakfast can be appetizing- but how about putting on the same for your face?

  • A natural skin booster. The aroma of roasted coffee beans perks up any groggy, sleep-deprived person. You might not believe it but the texture of coffee ground exfoliates and with minimal abrasion to the skin. Inexpensive and straight out of the shelf, it’s a handy way of applying used up grounds to fight wrinkles.
  • What you need. Half a cup of used coffee grounds, one white of an egg, a fork and bowl. Combine well.
  • Preparing and application. Prepare used coffee grounds by squeezing out excess water and combine with the egg white. Whisk with a fork. With gloves or bare hands, apply and massage liberally on your face and neck. It can also work as a body scrub if you have more than enough to spare. Leave on for at least 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. While doing so, scrub gently with towel dipped in the warm water. Avoid hairlines and eyes. You may have a terry cloth headband or bandana to protect the hairline and avoid messy application. Provide a towel to cover your shoulders to protect from any accidental spillage and staining. This mixture exfoliates and further minimizes unwanted pores.
  • Cleansing. Leaving on the coffee-egg white mask for several minutes until it dries out is advisable. After rinsing with warm water, splash off with cool running water. You can opt to apply your favorite moisturizer afterwards if you feel a slight tightening of the skin.
  • Relaxing. Now there is no point in getting a home facial without the usual spa treatment. Sit in a comfortable chair and turn on jazzy or soothing music. Play up and close your eyes, dim the lights for effect and let the mood take you up a notch.
  • Points to consider. If you are allergic to eggs or chicken, please do not attempt to apply even on the face. No used coffee grounds? Dry coffee grounds will do. Just add some boiling water until it becomes a thick paste. Cool and seep for several minutes before applying.

Scrubbing away with coffee and eggs can tighten the skin, and release that inner glow. This combination leaves the skin smooth and supple to touch. You may visit your local coffee shop and ask around for coffee beans for free. There is nothing more inviting than the smell of coffee on your breakfast table. How about giving it a try on your face? This natural face lift is a popular treatment for tightening the skin with the help of the egg white. This gives for a youthful look. You can also add in sugar for added exfoliation. They say the most unusual combinations are the best ones to try. Who knew putting egg on your face would be beneficial? So before throwing out your used up grounds, have a second look on this power packed facial and get that instant freshness coffee can actually bring.


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