How To Make a Cowboy Costume

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Howdy Partner! Well, that time of year again - Halloween is just around the corner - so saddle up and let's find out how to create one of the best costumes ever, the cowboy costume. One of the reasons this particular costume has so much appeal is it can be worn by children and adults, without breaking or in this case, robbing the bank. Many of the articles needed to create a great cowboy costume are already either in your home or a friend's. The rest of the adornments can be bought at dollar stores or other discount retail or wholesalers which makes the hectic Halloween rush much more relaxing.

The first key article of clothing for the cowboy, is a pair of jeans. They can be old or new, holes or no holes, remember life for a cowboy involves "getting dirty". For added accent to the jeans, if you have access to one, is a belt with a large buckle. It is not a necessity, but it does enhance the cowboy's costume and is very eye-catching.

What type of shirt will the cowboy wear? Well. flannel shirts or button up shirts are best. For a dollar or less, you will want to have a bandana. The bandana can be tied loosely, around the collar of the shirt and can even be used to make your cowboy costume into that of a bandit by using your bandana as a mouth covering. What about those dawgies ? If you have something that resembles cowboy boots, great, if not I do not think it is necessary to purchase an expensive pair of boots, unless you believe you will get use from them beyond the day of wearing your cowboy duds. Workboots, leather shoes and of course sneakers are fine, especially if this cowboy will be trick or treating.

Accessories that can be added to the costume are a holster and toy gun. Whether or not you want your cowboy costume to include a toy gun is a personal choice and either way, with all the other adornments it will not make or break the impact of the costume. A great and practical way to substitute a "gun" in the belt or holster is to use a flashlight instead. In this way, you have a great safety accessory as well.

Making chaps from brown paper bags is another way to add  to the authentic cowboy costume. The longevity of the chaps may be best for photo-ops, than long term use, but they are fun. Now, do you think I've forgotten the most important part of the cowboy's costume? No way! Cowboy hats, available in all costume and party stores, dollar shops, pharmacies and toy stores are the most important accessory for your cowboy.

One more thing, some eyeliner makes for creating a cool mustache and a little hair gel can slick back those locks for completion of the costume. Remember there are personal variations you may want to add to your cowboy costume, and that is what it is all about. Just wrangle up your needed gear and get out there and enjoy the day. Oh, by the way, horses are optional!


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