How To Make a Cute, Messy Hairstyle

One of the easiest ways to appear casual yet pulled together is with a cute, messy hairstyle. This style can often look more difficult to achieve than it actually is. With a little practice, this hairstyle can be done quickly and easily.

To make a cute and messy hairstyle you will need a brush, a hair elastic, several bobby pins, and a bottle of medium-hold hairspray. First, brush your hair and gather it into a ponytail using a covered elastic that is a similar color to your hair. If you have bangs, you can leave them out of the ponytail. If you do not have bangs, you can leave some strands around your face free from the ponytail to make tendrils. For a sleeker look, pull all of your hair into the ponytail, leaving no loose strands of hair around your face.

Next, separate a small section of hair from the gathered ponytail and make a loop. Pin the loop of hair to your head near the ponytail using a bobby pin. Repeat the process for the rest of the ponytail, using small sections of hair to make loops all around the ponytail and pinning them into place. This does not need to look precise. The ends of the loops of hair can stick out or fall a little, and the loops do not need to look perfect. The imperfection of the style is what makes it look cute and fun!

Once the ponytail is completely pinned up, style your bangs or tendrils as you would like them to be arranged around your face. You could even curl the tendrils with a curling iron to make the style a little more formal.

To finish the hairstyle, spray all of the hair with medium-hold hairspray. Firm or extra-firm spray might make the hair too stiff and feel crunchy. A medium-hold spray allows for hair to fall more naturally and is more touchable.

This hairstyle can be done with either a high or low ponytail. It looks just as great higher on the head as it does in a lower position. Also, several additional touches can be made to the style. A scarf can be tied around the head like a headband, or a regular headband can be added. Clips or decorative bobby pins can also be used for added sparkle. You can even pin a few small flowers between the loops of hair for a more formal event.


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