How To Make a Doctor Costume

The popularity of such long-running television shows as "ER", "Grey's Anatomy" and "House, MD" make a doctor costume among the most popular choices for parties, especially during Halloween.

To make a doctor costume that looks like you are on your way to surgery, you need green scrubs, loose-fitting cotton pants and a short sleeved shirt with one pocket which is the traditional garb for hospital surgical teams. You can find scrubs occasionally at thrift shops or investigate a medical uniform supply store for an interesting array of scrubs in all colors and patterns. Loose fitting green cotton pajamas can also serve as the main ingredient for your doctor costume if you can't locate authentic medical scrubs.

Now find a white face mask at your local drug store, another key ingredient to making your doctor costume appear authentic. Glue a blank CD mini disc to a headband and wear it around your forehead as a surgical light. You can also cover your head with a clear shower cap for added effect.

For your feet, white tennis shoes or white clogs will help you look the part.  Because shoes are routinely covered while in the operating room, cover them with clear shower caps. For additional accessories such as a scalpel or stethoscope, visit a local toy store and purchase a child's medical bag which will be filled with assorted plastic medical instruments.  Finish out your surgeon's outfit with a cellphone that beeps or vibrates.

Another version of the doctor costume is the general practitioner and this takes less detail than a surgeon costume.  Simply cover your street clothes with a white lab coat, something you can also find at the medical uniform supply store.  Go to your local hardware store and get a name tag printed with your name and the title "Dr." or the initials M.D. following your name and attach it to the pocket of your lab coat.

Get a child's medical bag from the toy store and carry it as an accessory. Hang a plastic stethoscope around your neck for added effect.  Have your medical bag filled with assorted "pills" such as sour gum drops, jelly beans and root beer barrels which you can "dispense" at the party after checking people's pulse rates or hearing their heartbeat using your stethoscope.

Another version of the doctor costume is to go as a famous doctor such as psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, complete with wire-rim glasses and notepad or clipboard for recording patient information.


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