How To Make a Fake Tattoo

Boy getting a fake tattoo

Tattoos have become very popular nowadays. Sporting one on your arm, leg, butt, chest or any part of your body is considered hip and cool. Though considered as a form of body mutilation, tattoos continue to fascinate men and women alike, the young and even the old.

There are people who just love to have tattoos but hate to have permanent marks on their skin. The answer here is fake or temporary tattoos. There are varying ways of making fake tattoos. Whatever technique you choose to use, just be careful with products that may be harmful to your skin. If you have a known skin allergy, it is best that you do some skin tests first on your forearm before application. To do this, rub a small amount of the substance on the skin. Observe for about 30 minutes and if you feel some irritation, don't proceed anymore.

The most popular way of making a fake tattoo is by using Henna ink. However this can be quite expensive and requires some degree of skill to apply successfully.

There are, however, more means of making a fake tattoo.

One is by using nail polish. For this procedure you will need colored nail polish (preferably dark or bright colors), paper, pen, cutter and your preferred design.

Sketch your desired design on the paper. Next, cut out the inside part of the design, leaving only its outline. Place the cutout on the part of your body where you wish to have the tattoo. Carefully apply the nail polish on the inner part of the cutout. Make sure that you apply enough color on the whole area. Slowly remove the cut out, taking care not to smudge the newly applied nail polish. Let the polish dry by itself or if you want, you can use a hot blower to make the drying faster. Avoid touching the tattoo while it is drying.

Another method that you can use in making a fake tattoo is by simply drawing the design on your skin with the use of ballpoint pens or thin pointed colored marker pens. First, draw the pattern very lightly with an eyebrow pencil on the part where you will place your tattoo. Next, trace the pattern with your ballpoint pens or thin pointed colored marker pens. Do the tracing with extra care, and be conscious that the point of the pen doesn't go beyond the pattern.

One more way of making a fake tattoo is by using tattoo stickers which are incidentally easily available. Well, tattoo stickers are sometimes found as insertions in packages of candies, gums or jellybeans. But these kinds of stickers don't last very long as they fade only after a couple of days. The good thing however is that there are vanity stores now that sell longer lasting tattoo stickers which you may want to try.

Making a fake tattoo is fun and easy. What's more fun is you get to do it yourself and can be easily washed away.


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