How To Make a Funny Hat

Clothes can showcase one's creativity. It is considered an expression of one's character and personality, and a lot of people have used their clothing to show their different moods. The versatility of clothes makes it easy for people to dress according to how they feel at the moment. You can mix and match from tops to pants, skirts, and shorts, even your hat.

For a lot of people, putting on a hat is one of the easiest ways to spiff up an outfit. There are different hats for different occasions and moods, and it is quite easy to find one that suits you. However, there comes a time when you need to wear a funny hat, whether it's for a party, or just to make a statement. If this situation arises, and you need to don a funny hat, you will find it surprising that creating a funny hat is in fact, very simple. Stated below are some steps to follow on how to make a funny hat.

  • Choose a theme. Before starting on your funny hat project, determine first what you will use the funny hat for. Will you be wearing the hat for one occasion only? Or will you use it randomly from time to time through the course of the year? Either way, decide on whether you want to create the hat for a specific event (e.g. Christmas, Easter, etc.), or for something that is flexible all throughout the year.
  • Search for funny lines on the Internet. If you have something funny already in mind, then you may use this. If not, you can find a lot of sources over the Internet. You may use any search engine and type in “funny lines” or “funny phrases” as keywords and you will definitely come up with a lot of options for your funny hat. Choose the ones that are not too long. Find the short and succinct ones, so it can fit easily into a small space.
  • Choose a hat. There are many kinds of hats to choose from. You can choose a baseball hat, which can be fairly easy to find in your regular sports stores. If possible, choose a baseball hat with a blank canvas, where you will have more space to write in your funny line. You may also choose a fedora, a straw hat, or any other hat with enough space to write or attach a message to. Make sure that the hat you choose will suit the theme of your funny hat. Also make sure that the hat fits you properly. You want to wear a funny hat, not look funny wearing it.
  • Purchase fabric paint. You will use this to paint in your funny message. Your local craft store should be able to provide you with this. Purchase brushes that can be used to paint your message neatly. Choose the ones with fine tips so it doesn't smudge easily. Buy different colors of paint so you can make your message lively. If you want, you can choose a fabric marker instead. This gives you better control of your writing, and your artwork won't come off as dirty and messy.
  • Start painting. Decide where you want to paint the funny message and using a pencil, layout the whole message onto the space you've provided then start painting the funny message. If you want, you can practice writing the message on a separate piece of paper so you can make sure that you don't make any mistakes. Paint slowly so it will not smudge.

Once you've completed your funny hat, you can now wear it with flair. Just a few reminders, you should make sure that dry the paint thoroughly before wearing it. You wouldn't want to smudge your work of art now, would you? Also, make sure that your funny message does not make fun of others. Make sure you are politically correct so as to avoid any issues.


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