How To Make a Grosgrain Ribbon Headband

The head is one of the most often looked at parts of a woman’s anatomy. More than the beautiful eyes, succulent lips and the perfect nose, it is the hair that draws attention of onlookers. And that is one of the main reasons why the hair is styled and groomed in various ways. How the hair is styled or worn varies, some like it pony-tailed, some like it flowing and some wear headbands.

Wearing headbands is one of the easier ways to style and groom your hair. It does not need much effort to wear it and it comes in different shapes and forms you can even create your own version. Some uses the plastic variety but ribbons as headbands have a particularly charming effect to ladies who use them. So here are some tips on how to make a grosgrain ribbon headband.

  • Before you get tied up. A grosgrain ribbon headband will definitely help you grab attention if you create it well and beautifully. So hold it before you grab just any ribbon and tie it to your hair. You must make the right preparation for that pretty grosgrain ribbon headband. Do not just put this list on your head, go have a sewing machine, tape measure, one-fourth inch wide elastic, two different grosgrain ribbons (20 inches each), and sewing notions. Sewing notions consist of scissors, thread for the ribbons. Also note that the grosgrain ribbons should be one inch in width. Not having the right pieces will only put you in a bind. Instead of being pretty and nice you end up stressed and looking haggard. So prepare this much to create the right grosgrain ribbon headband.
  • Line ‘em up. Lay out the grosgrain ribbons on your work area. The wrong sides should be inside and the right side facing the opposite direction. To secure the grosgrain ribbons, pin them together.
  • Sewn together. Then sew the 2 grosgrain ribbons with each other by way of a sewing machine. Sew it along the long sides with a one-eight inch allowance. The shorter edges should not be sewn.
  • Heads up. To make the base of the headband, cut the elastic with a length of about 5 inches. You might think that this will be too long to fit your head, but it is better to have extra inches to work with, rather than have a too-short piece of elastic. You can shorten the length to fit your head eventually.
  • Connect and Stitch! Now that you have the length of elastic estimated to fit your head, you can now connect one into the free end of the ribbons. Hold them in place by pinning them. Now you can start stitching them to attach them permanently. Use a sewing machine to stitch the shorter end of the ribbons to the elastic. Use fine, equally-distanced stitches to attach it neatly.
  • Fit and Repeat. Now you can try out your headband and see if it fits your head properly. Make sure that it sits comfortably on your head, not too tight or you might get a headache, and not too loose, or it won't stay in place. Adjust as needed. After you have set the right length, repeat the step where you sewed the elastic to the shorter end of the ribbon. Obviously, you should do this to the other end of the elastic.
  • Wear it with flair. Now you have a pretty headband to dress up your hairstyles. Wear it with the ribbon on top of your head while the elastic hidden beneath your hairline at your nape.

Now that you have seen how easy it is to create your own headband, you can come up with different styles and colors to match all your outfits. Try using many colored ribbons to make your headbands more vibrant and fashionable.


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