How To Make a Knotted Fleece Scarf

Wearing a scarf graciously affords you to make a strong fashion statement. It allows you to be stylish and chic or wacky and free-spirited. And if you are really out there in the cold, it keeps you toasty and warm. Not bad at all, right? Now, if you want to add a new piece to your scarf collection, consider making one – on your own. Don’t fret. You can do it even if you are clueless about sewing. You make a knotted fleece scarf. Excited? Here are the easy-to-follow steps:

  • Prepare your materials: two pieces of fleece fabric. The first one should have prints while the second, a solid color. You can check out your closet if you want to recycle some old pieces. If you want to start on new fabric, you can always go to a nearby fashion store to select your pieces. Of course, you should rely on your fashion sense in choosing the right pair. It is important to match the prints with the solid color that you have in mind.
  • Pin your two fabric pieces – the printed fleece and the solid fleece. See to it that the right sides are kept together. You can place the pieces on a table so you can conveniently work.
  • In order to start stitching, double-check the positioning of your fabric. Your immediate goal is to make a seam, about a quarter of an inch. You should be able to do it at least four inches far from the edge or end of your fabric. You can start at any of the four sides. When you are about four inches far from the other edge of your fabric, stop your stitching.
  • Repeat Step 3 to stitch the other side of your fabric. Once the other side is properly stitched, you should be able to have a new form: an open tube.
  • Hold your tube. Check out the right side and then, turn it out. After that, plan to make five cuts. Each cut should be one-and-a-quarter-inch wide. Then, cut to form strips. Each should be about four inches long. Each strip should also end where your seam starts. Make sure to cut through on both pieces of your fleece fabric.
  • Work on the strips. Tie them into knots. Note that each knot should combine a strip from the printed fleece and a strip from the solid fleece.
  • Repeat Steps 5 and 6 to work on the remaining sides. Strive to make your knots more consistent.

A knotted fleece scarf is definitely an interesting addition to your scarf collection. If you are happy with what you have done, you can do more and try on other print and solid color combinations. You can also give it as a gift to someone who is very fashionable, or if you are business-minded, you can consider selling your creations to your close friends. Even if it is your first-time, making it should be no sweat. You can finish your project just in an afternoon. You can improve your working time as you attempt to do more.


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