How To Make a Lace-Front Wig

A full head of hair is always very desirable and instantly gives a woman the appearance of youthfulness. Of course, nobody said it has to be the real thing. If one of your problems is a receding hairline, the best solution is a lace-front wig. A lace-front wig is a type of specialized wig that has a hairline that looks as if it was actually growing from the scalp. These types of wigs can cost up to thousands of dollars, but of course, a great way is to learn how to make one yourself.

  • Start by measuring the head of the subject. Cover the head around the hairline with cellophane. Make sure that you cover it properly, and that you get the whole angle of the head. Twist the cellophane under the earlobes for the most accurate results.
  • Make a sculpting cast. Start covering the cellophane with filament tape that is wrapped around the head. Put the filament tape generously. Add more layer of filament tape all over the cellophane to create a sculpting cast.
  • Make a pattern. Take off the sculpted cast from the head and put it on a wig block (a specialized wooden tool designed to hold wigs). Use a pencil to trace the hairline of your subject. Cut the edges of the sculpted cast.
  • Place the lace. Get a polyester cotton lace and then wrap it around the sculpted cast or the wig form. Then you can start cutting the edges of the polyester cotton lace from the outline in the wig block. From there you can start placing a fine layer of lace at the top of the first piece.
  • Prepare the hair. It is recommended that you use real human hair, for better results. You could also opt to bolster the volume of the human hair by adding in some artificial hair.
  • Blend the real hair and artificial hair. Use a hackle (a big brush or comb with sharp-edged teeth) to start stripping and blending the real and artificial hair to make them look more natural. Use a comb to straighten the hair all throughout. Doing this will remove tangles and the weak hair as well.
  • Provide ventilation. Use a hooked needle to get through the strands and over the lace and knots. Start doing this at the nape of the neck area. This procedure is similar to hooking rugs.
  • Furnishing and finishing. Now you’re almost done. Knot the hair, taking each strand at a time to make it more realistic. It will give a beautiful flow for the hair and will make it look more natural. After finishing this process, you can trim the wig and style it anyway you like. Then remove and cut the excess lace at every edge.

There you have it! These are the steps for making a lace-front wig. You may need to practice a little before you can perfect this craft, but once you do, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money instead of if you buy a new lace-front wig every time. Do make sure that you have a trusted friend who can inform you whether the lace-front wig looks natural on you, or whether it needs further improvement. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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