How To Make a Lion Costume

During Halloween or school presentations, your child is sometimes required to wear a costume to school, and these costumes may vary depending on the theme.  Buying ready-made costumes is a convenient way to solve this problem, but there aren't many designs available out there.  Making your own costume can prove to be a fun bonding experience with your child, while enabling you to customize the design to you or your child's liking.  That it comes cheaper than pre-made costumes available on the market is definitely a plus any parent won't think twice over. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a customized lion costume for your child:

  1. Materials.  For this costume, you'll need matching sweatpants and sweatshirt with a hood.  The hood is an essential part of this costume since it'll form the mane of the lion.  It is important that the pants and the shirt are matching so that it's pleasing to the eyes.  You'll also need lots and lots of felt paper, around two to four sheets colored brown or orange and dark brown.  Grab a pair of scissors, a glue gun and a pencil as well.
  2. Cut strips of felt.  The first portion you'd want to achieve is the mane.  To construct it, cut strips of brown and dark brown felt, around an inch wide and four inches in length.  Make around forty to fifty strips of it, varying the length from time to time.
  3. Glue the felt around the hood of the sweatshirt.  Once you've finished cutting the felt, glue them carefully around the hood of the sweatshirt.  Make some felt overlap so as not to produce unnecessary spaces.  Make the mane go around the hood and down under the chin part of the sweatshirt, so that the whole face is covered.
  4. Cut felt paper around 1-2 inches wide for the tail.  For the tail, cut brown felt around one to two inches wide in a length of your choice.  Call your child and measure the tail around his hip area, making sure the tail doesn't touch the floor so that it won't be stepped on.  Get some of the remaining strips you used from the mane and glue them at the end of the tail to form hair.
  5. Get your child's hand and trace it.  Next, trace your child's hand on a piece of brown or orange felt, leaving around half an inch- to an inch-wide space.  Make four of these, and then glue two pieces together, leaving out the wrist part.  You now have a paw into which you can insert your child's hand.  Design it like a genuine lion's paw.
  6. Paint your child's face.  Now that you've made the parts of the costume, add some custom design to your child's face, like some whiskers.  Also, paint his nose brown to make it look genuine.  Use water-based face paint for this.

You now have a wonderful lion costume that you've made yourself!  Remember, it's good to buy manufactured costumes but if possible, try and make one on your own.  You save money and you get to be closer to your child in the process-and that is priceless!


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