How To Make a Moisturizing Body Oil for Dry Hands and Feet

If you are constantly suffering from dry feet and hands, then you will definitely need a moisturizer that will solve this problem. Yes, you can probably purchase a commercial moisturizer for dry skin at any beauty and skin supply store however; if you are looking for an effective one that will not cause any allergic reaction or agitate sensitive skin then you should definitely consider making your own moisturizer. Here is a recipe to create your very own body oil moisturizer that can greatly diminish your dry skin, one that is safe regardless of your type of skin. The recipe uses a variety of oils and extracts in combination that you can easily find at your local supermarket or pharmacy.

  • Gather the ingredients. For your homemade moisturizing body oil, you will need to have Jojoba oil, Almond oil, apricot oil (extracted from the kernel), papaya oil, lemon balm extract, and powdered arrow root. Once you have all these, you are ready to start making your body oil.
  • Mix the ingredients. Get a large bowl and pour in a fourth of a cup Jojoba oil. Get a whisker and start whisking the oil. While whisking, gradually add ¼ cups of Almond and apricot oils. Remember to pour these in slowly and together while you keep whisking away. You will want all the 3 oils to bond in the mixture. Since you do not have enough hands to do this, ask a friend to help out. Once the 3 oils have been whisked together, it is now time to add the other ingredients. Drip about ten drops of the lemon balm extract and ten drops of the papaya oil. Again, these should be added slowly and should be done while you keep whisking away. Once all the oils and extracts have been added and mixed in, the next step will be to add about a tablespoonful of the powdered arrow root. Stir the mixture well and you will notice the body oil becoming a bit thicker.
  • Store the oil safely. Since you have just made an entire bowl of the body oil, you will want to be able to transfer and store the mixture into a bottle or container. A glass or plastic one will do provided that it can be sealed. Pour the concoction in and close the container. That done, put the bottle into the fridge to cool. Make sure to keep the concoction cool constantly. That said be sure to put it back in the fridge after every use.
  • Apply the oil. The application of this moisturizing body oil is similar to how you would use massage oil or hand sanitizers. Squirt a couple of beads on your hands and feet and rub in a circular fashion. Apply more pressure as you rub so that the oil will work into your skin pores. Doing that will ensure that the moisturizing effect will last longer.

There you have it, your very own homemade body oil. While you created this concoction specifically for your hands and feet, know that you can use it on any part of your body. You even opt to use it as an alternative to massage oil should you feel the need to get a whole body rub down.


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