How To Make a Moisturizing Oil with Lemon Verbena

It is quite fortunate that there are increasing numbers of remedies for dry skin, especially during the cold weather. Moisturizers can be found in almost every beauty product rack, but nothing beats the homemade variety of moisturizing oil. A growing favorite ingredient for that is lemon verbena. You can make your own moisturizing oil with lemon verbena with the following steps:

  • Pure Lemon Verbena Essence. First, secure the availability of the main ingredient in your area. If you have a garden with the particular lemon verbena leaves from where you can get the extract, extract the amount that you need. Otherwise, you have the more convenient option of getting readily extracted lemon verbena oil in your nearby health and beauty store. If you are to extract manually, make sure to remove the stems, crush the leaves thoroughly and place it in boiling water with olive or almond oil. You can strain and remove the solid residue with a strainer and cool it in a glass jar in preparation for the next step. This might take time, but you can be assured of a well-extracted concoction.
  • Base Oil. The base holds in all of the other oils and elements together. You can choose a good base oil to help mix the elements well. Avocado oil is a favorite base for moisturizing oils, but you can try another one of your liking.
  • Additional Ingredients. Some of the highly recommended lemon verbena essence complements are a few drops of cider vinegar and iodine. A little water may also help capture the fragrance of the lemon verbena better.
  • Ratio and Proportion. In this stage, you can experiment with the ratio of your mixture. You can add a little more verbena or a little more vinegar, depending on how you want it. Just make sure you take note of the final ratio of your ingredients so that you can recreate it the next time you create your moisturizing oil.
  • Mixing and/or Heating. You can boil the substances together or simply mix it using a standard mixer on a container. Pots are ideal for mixing the elements since they do not tend to react with the oil and are easy to clean after.
  • Storage. Glass containers are preferred since plastic jars or containers may react with the oils over time. The glass helps preserve the oil’s quality and fragrance. Store at room temperature for best results.

If you are in doubt with your creation, it is best to try doing the oil in small amounts first until you get the right mix. There are lemon verbena moisturizing lotions that can serve to complement your lemon verbena moisturizing oil, but for starters, starting with the reduced basics will help you get the hang of it. Whether you use the oil or lotion variety, you can be assured that you will have a skin-itch buster and skin firming agent rolled into one. And what’s more, you will be calm and palpitation-free as you do so. In all the ingredients, make sure you have thoroughly tested yourself for allergic reactions before using.


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