How To Make a Natural Hand Lotion

Skin being the largest organ in your body, it is clearly understandable why you take good care of it. Perhaps one of the parts of your body that you handle delicately and with extreme care are your hands. Since your hands do most of your work, you do your best to take good care of them. Your hands are the ones that primarily work when you iron your clothes. They are also the ones that do the main labor when you write, when you wash your clothes, when you carry your shopping bags and many more activities.

This is why it is important that you apply hand lotion regularly. This can ensure the smoothness of your hands despite the heavy work. Applying hand lotion will not cost you much, especially if you use natural hand lotions. They are cheaper than the other types of lotions. Furthermore, they are healthier since they are made of natural materials with minimal chemical components. Read further and make a natural lotion that will pamper your hands.

  1. Look for natural resources that you can use in your natural hand lotion. Try going out to your garden early in the morning and feel the morning breeze while selecting plants that you can use for your natural lotion. Make sure that you scout for shea butter, olive oil and other types of botanical oil, rosemary extracts and avocado since these are the primary natural resources, which you can use for your lotion. Ensure that you have ample amount of them in your garden or in other places where you can have access. If you don’t, you can settle for those things that are being sold in the market.
  2. Prepare enough water. When you have picked the plants and other plant extracts that you will utilize in making your natural hand lotion, the next thing to prepare is sufficient water. This is where you will mix the extracts and other oils that you have gathered.
  3. Mix the materials. Have a deep basin ready. This is where you can put all the liquids and have them mixed. Put the water first. Then add the oil that will make the liquid harden and coagulate. You can put avocado oil or organic jojoba oil. If they are not enough in making the water stickier, you can add tapioca starch and vegetable emulsifying wax. Their sticky nature will make your substance thicken and resemble the texture of a real lotion.
  4. Add aloe vera for the scent. Aloe vera extracts will give the scent that your lotion must have. Its being a natural lotion does not mean it has to be scentless. Aside from giving scent to your lotion, Aloe vera also has healing effects that can mildly treat your skin blotches like scars and other marks. When it is done, you can already put the newly-made lotion in a bottle where you can get it once you will use it.

Natural hand lotions are very beneficial for your skin since they can make it look and feel healthy. Moreover, it can make you save money since you will no longer need to buy lotions form the market. Follow the steps given here and have that natural hand lotion ready to use in just a matter of days.


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