How To Make a Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative

If you were a girl, it would not be surprising if other people found out that you keep a beauty kit inside your bag. Your beauty kit contains several cosmetic materials that you constantly tinker with in maintaining your good appearance. It commonly includes your face powder, mascara, blush, lipstick and others. It can also have petroleum jelly in it. This is already quite expected with the various functions petroleum jelly can render. You can use it as a lipstick and make-up remover. You can also use it in dry parts of your skin and on your chapped lips. It can be a hand cleanser and a moisturizer, among many other roles.

It is evidently undeniable that petroleum jelly serves many purposes. This is why it would be better for you if you can learn how to make a natural petroleum jelly on your own. Be guided by these steps and do just that!

  1. Know the materials that you can use as an alternative ingredient. To make an alternative petroleum jell, you shall be relying on an alternative ingredient for the jelly. For this, you can use beeswax or a newly-formulated ingredient called the Cremerlin. This substance was formulated by Walter Rau Care of Bernard Brickmann. It is important to take note that these alternative ingredients are good because they are natural ones.
  2. Have the alternative ingredients that you will need. After pinpointing the ingredient that you will be using in the procedure, the next thing to do is to have it ready. Beeswax is relatively easier to find because it is available in your neighborhood. You just have to know how to extract it from the habitat of bees. Meanwhile, if you want to use Cremerlin, you just need to purchase it from the market since it is already available.
  3. Prepare the other materials. For this procedure, you will also need a microwave heater or a boiler, baby oil or mineral oil, a medium-sized container and a stirrer. Have them ready to facilitate the process of making the natural petroleum jelly.
  4. Melt the ingredients in the microwave heater or boiler. When all the materials have been prepared, put the ingredients in the boiler to melt them. Mix the beeswax or the Clemerlin with a mineral or baby oil. Stir the mixture well until it gets really sticky. When the mixture has heated up enough, stop the boiling. Put out the mixture from the heated container and transfer it another container. Keep on stirring it until it cools down. When it already reaches a warmer level, you can already use the alternative petroleum jelly.

Petroleum jelly was originally made out of petrolatum, which still needs to be gathered like fossils from caves and underground areas. This makes the production of petroleum jelly really tedious. With the many functions this jelly does for you, you cannot help but wish that you can make an alternative for it in your household. Fret no more! Follow the procedures given and you no longer need to go outdoors to have your natural petroleum jelly!


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