How To Make a Natural Wrinkle Reducer

They say your smile lights up the room like a thousand light bulbs. That photograph hasn’t faded from memory but alas, staring at the mirror, wrinkles and crows feet unseen from before creep up like vines. So, how do you reverse time? Fortunately, nature has its own surefire practical solutions. With a few homemade preparations, you can do battle with some simple, natural, yet effective ingredients.

  • Go for the batter. Things in the fridge can make a difference to shoo away nasty wrinkles. Here are some easy recipes you can follow. Mix the white of one egg with the juice of a lime/lemon. Dab this on a clean, dry face until all specific areas are covered. Avoid getting the mixture into the eyes and allow 2-3 minutes to dry completely then rinse over with warm then cool water afterward. This tightens the skin instantly. Another solution to try that is perfect to whisk is combining the juice of an orange with 2 tablespoons of honey. Spread evenly on the face and neck. Leave this luxurious gooey mess on for 20 minutes, and then gently wipe off with cotton dipped in some milk. How about turning over that yogurt you had from last night into a miracle wonder? Take half a cup and add 2 tablespoons of chickpea powder. Stir this into a smooth paste then apply a thick coat all over. Let it stand for 10 minutes then wash off.
  • Fruity and fabulous. Go green! Fruits from your table or snack tray can be readily converted into natural fruit masks. Green grapes and apples are great anti-oxidants. Roughly crush a few green grapes and apply in a circular motion to problem areas. Leave on for 20 minutes then rinse. Same goes with the green apples, however pureeing is the best. Add a tablespoon of milk and blend before massaging into crinkly corners. Wash off when it starts drying out.
  • Make a potato face. Well it’s not what it sounds like. But a potato works as effectively in quenching a moisture-hungry face. It improves the skin’s texture, lightens wrinkles, and tightens the skin. Two potatoes, peeled and grated will do. Apply the grated potatoes generously all over forehead, face and neck. Once you get the feeling of "pinching" and tightening, cleanse with cold water at once.
  • Help with some kelp. This powerhouse ingredient is the best kept secret yet. The Japanese sea kelp strengthens your skin’s cells so it stays firmer and smoother. It's been called the "Fountain of Youth" by the media because of its effectiveness at protecting the skin from wrinkles and sagging. Blend into a paste and smother to your hearts content. Rinse face after a few minutes.

However which way you gather or lather up these products, it remains true that the best and cheapest remedies come from nature’s bounty to bring out the freshness of that face. You can rely on your kitchen’s stock to do the trick for a quick picker-upper. Another natural wrinkle reducer that doesn’t cost a penny is an easy one to pull. Stretch the sides of your face with some effort and give way for that big toothy grin. So what are you waiting for? Smile those wrinkles away with these easy-to-do recipes.


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