How To Make a Perfume Spray

Perfume sprays can be a fun way to pass time. You can personalize your very own perfume spray and let your personality shine through. They are great to give as gifts to your friends and loved ones. They are easy to make, and can be a great way to release all your creative energy. You can even profit by selling perfumes online.

Here are some steps on how to make your very own perfume spray:

  1. Remember the basics of making perfume sprays. All perfume sprays rely on three things: a base note, a middle note, and a top note. In many ways, they are like musical notes harmonizing to make a beautiful sound. You should always make sure that all of the scents work well together, so that your perfume is not too overpowering or overbearing. Most importantly, they should fit your personality. The base, middle, and top note will determine what the mood of your perfume will be, so choose scents that don’t clash. There should always be more of the base note than both the middle note and the top note. This will make up 25% of your perfume spray.
  2. Choose your ingredients. Even on a budget, you can make your perfume spray smell great. Essential oils have a more powerful scent. However, they are very expensive as only the best materials are used in making the oil. Fragrance oils are a great alternative to essential oils. For beginners, it is best to start with fragrance oils because you will be experimenting a lot. You don’t want to waste the valuable essential oil on an unsuccessful perfume spray. Aside from the oils, you will need something to dilute them in. You can use anything from alcohol to vodka. This should make up about 75% of your perfume spray. Another optional ingredient would be a chemical like Glycerin. It will help your perfume spray last longer. You will  need to add a little bit of water.
  3. Start mixing. First off, you should blend your basic ingredients first. Start with the base note, the middle note, and then the top note. Use different essential or fragrance oils to accentuate the mood you are going for. Make sure that your mix is well balanced. Beforehand, you should experiment a little bit to familiarize yourself with the process. After mixing all the oils, start diluting your fragrance. Remember that your fragrance should only make up 25% of the perfume spray. Adding any more will make your fragrance spray too overbearing. To dilute, the best ingredient to use at home would be vodka. You should let the solution sit for a while so that the scents can blend well together. You can add a little water to the mix after a while. While waiting for the solution to set, you can periodically take a whiff out of the spray fragrance to make sure that you’re getting the right mood you’re going for.

Making your own perfume spray is even better than buying cheap perfumes. Even on a budget, you can make a great perfume spray at home. Choose beautiful perfume bottles to add even more charm to your spray. With a little more experience, you can even make your own perfume lotions. Remember that the most important ingredient in your perfume spray is your personality. Follow these steps and you can make a perfume spray that exudes your personal style.


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