How To Make a Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet

The peyote stitch design dates back to some centuries ago, when Native Americans used them. They used these designs for adorning ceremonial garbs or for creating talismans. If you are fond of cuffs, then you will love the peyote stitch designed cuffs. They are easy to make, and their customizable design makes it a unisex fashion item (which means they can be worn by either male or female). Another good thing to say about this cuff is that they are very durable, and when you make them correctly, the cuff’s bead won’t fade easily.

Here is what you need to do first before you create your peyote stitch cuff:

  1. Get quality materials. This is your primary and most important decision to make before you start making your cuff. There are two types of materials you need to carefully choose—the beads and the thread.
    • A. Beads – there are many types of beads that you may use for this project, but many professional cuff makers usually pick the size 11 ones. These sizes of beads are large enough for anyone (providing they have good eyesight) to use, and they are small enough for detailed work. For a specific type of bead, those Delica cylinder types are most used by different beaders.
    • B. Thread – you would not want normal thread (the cotton ones) for this type of project. Cotton thread is not that durable and it tangles easily. Basically, you might want to use are those nylon threads specifically used for beading.
  2. Next thing to do is to decide the type of base for your peyote cuff. Well, these cuffs can be made without a base, sure, but you might want to consider using a base. Why? Well, cuffs without a base can be easily flexed and it there won’t be anything to protect your cuff against wear and tear, except your beads themselves. You can choose between many types of bases, but the most used bases are buckskin, cloth and metal (yes metal. Weird isn’t it?).
  3. >Now that you gathered the necessary materials, here are the steps on how to make a peyote cuff bracelet.

  4. Before beading, cut a 3-foot length of thread. Now, take a bead and put it on the thread. This will be your stop bead (it will be removed later).
  5. For a basic stitch, string the beads from the first and second row of your desired patter to the thread. Thread your first bead on your third row on, and then run your second bead away from the needle. Repeat this process for each of the beads on the third row. Continue for the rest of the pattern.
  6. If you have around 4-5 inches of thread left, it’s time to tie your thread. The peyote designs do not sport any knots. What you need to do is to weave your thread into the beads when your old threads need to be tied off (and new threads are added on).
  7. Remove the stop bead at this point, and weave your tail using the same way.

This is the basic stitch of a peyote stitch cuff. There are many advanced techniques, but if you are still a beginner, here is you most trusted way of doing this thing. Get creative and enjoy beading.


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