How To Make a Polar Fleece Hat

People are easily drawn to fashion. This can be attested by the thriving of several shows related to fashion in Hollywood. Other make-over series also seem to resemble these types of programs. This can make you very attentive with the way you look and with the things you wear.

One of the ways by which you can prep up your appearance is by wearing polar fleece hats. The good thing about this type of hat is that you are not sacrificing your comfort just for fashion. With fleece hats, you can still look fashionable while your head relishes the softness of the fleece hat. If you want to have your own fleece hat, here are some steps to take. Do as mentioned and treat yourself with the deadly combo of comfort and fashion!

  1. Work on your hat’s pattern. Like the blueprint of engineers, a sketched pattern of the hat you want to make can serve as the guide when you start making it. Arrange all the details essential to the procedure and make sure that you have identified the color and dimensions of the hat. This will make the flow of your work smoother.
  2. Prepare the fabric. Cut the fabric according to the size you need. Measure the size of your head and then add one fourth inch for allowance. This will prevent you from making a hat that does not fit your head. If you want a rolled up design, you should make the allowance a bit bigger. Use a stretchable polar fleece if you want your hat to be durable and good-looking. Place your polar fleece fabric on a flat surface, with the wrong side up. Position the cardboard template on top of the fabric. Trace the template with a fabric-marking pen. Make four tracings.
  3. Sew the ends of the fabric. With the front of the fabric facing up and lying on a hard surface, sew it throughout its length. Prepare to sacrifice even a little of the allowance you have already set earlier since the sewing thread will eat up some parts of the cloth. This is why it is advisable that your allowance is not too meager.
  4. Make the cuff. When you have finished sewing along the length of the fabric, you can now make the cuff of your hat. Fold the edges of the fabric depending on the allowance you have made earlier. A good estimate for the fold is two to three and a half inches for the bottom edge. For the hem, you can allot one fourth to an inch of fold. After folding, sew the folded parts to make the cuff. Trim the seam on the top of the hat, so that it will not bulge once you wear it. After trimming, sew the rimmed part to cover up the hole.
  5. Do the finishing touches. To finish off the hat, sew along the opposite ends of the hat’s top. Instead of sewing, you may stitch along these two ends. To ensure that the sewing in the hat will not get damaged easily, you can use a much thicker thread. Sew the hat inside out and then tie it off at the end point. After this, you can now use your fleece hat.

Fleece hats are not only trendy. They are also worthwhile to wear because you will most likely feel comfortable with them resting on your head. Follow the steps given here and you will soon come up with a fleece hat to brag with your friends!


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