How To Make a Pompadour

A pompadour is a hairstyle named after the French woman Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, also known simply as Marquise de Pompadour. Marquise de Pompadour was a member of the French court and was also the official mistress of Louis XV for 5 years (1745-1750). The pompadour has become a part of various subcultures as well, such as that of Italian-Americans.

In the 1950’s the pompadour was a popular hairstyle supported by then popular male rockabilly actors and artists. Elvis Presley is the most popular wearer of the pompadour hair style. Nowadays, the American media personality Conan O’Brian is also notable for his pompadour hairstyle.

Some things, no matter how old they are, just don’t go out of fashion. This is the case with the pompadour. Although not many people will use this hairstyle, you will still see someone in every crowd who has a pompadour or a hairstyle similar to it. Pompadours are also used as a prop in plays and with costumes such as at Halloween.

Here’s how to make a pompadour.

Wet your hair. Before you begin, you must first wet your hair. Do not wet it so that it is dripping; just wet your hair enough that they can be styled easily. You can accomplish this by simple using a wet comb to comb your hair. The hair should just feel a bit moist and nothing more.

Scoop your hair from the back. Take some hair from your crown (the sharp curve of the head) and pull them forward towards your forehead. Use a small quantity of pomade or a light gel to hold the hair, so that these do not budge from their position.

Scoop hair from the front. Now scoop some hair (one inch across) from the front (forehead). Bend the hair inward on itself, and place them on the hair you brought forward from the back. Puff up the hair so that they form a shape of a mound. If you think the shape of the mound is imbalanced or imperfect, use a comb to achieve the right shape.

Choose the direction for your mound. After you have made the mound, you can choose which direction you want it to be leading to. You can just let it lead backwards, towards your crown. Or you can let it lead to either side. If you lead it to a side, make sure that you give a slight flick of the wrist at the end to create a curl. The curl makes it seem more original.

Apply more pomade or gel. To keep the puffed up mound in place use as much gel or pomade you will need. Make sure that the mound does not budge or lose its shape, because that mound is the essence of the pompadour hairstyle.

The first time you try to make the pompadour, it will probably take you longer. But after the first time, and with much practice, you will get the hang of it and will be able to complete it in just a few minutes. You may even give it your own personal touch.


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