How To Make a Ponytail When Braiding

Looking presentable and pretty when interacting with other people is one thing that must be automatic for you. This cannot be purely attributed to an obsession with yourself and the way you look. You just want to present yourself as nice as possible when you are facing other people.

If you want to improve the way you present yourself to other people, it would be advisable that you focus on your hairstyle. This is justifiable because your hair is one of your body parts that easily catches attention. While walking along the streets or going to your office or school, you will be exposed to external factors that can make you look so distressed. However, this can be under-emphasized once you organize your hair very well. If you have the luxury of time, you can opt to braid and ponytail your hair. This style can give you a classier look. Read this article and learn how you can ponytail your braided hair.

  1. Arrange your hair first. Before you proceed in this process, you must first fix and arrange your hair. If you have just taken a bath and your hair has been wet, you must blow it dry first. You surely know that wet hair is not advisable to be braided or even ponytailed. When your hair has dried, comb it properly to remove the little tangles and split hairs. An additional benefit of combing is that it can relax your hair and prepare it for the tension of the braids.
  2. Divide your hair according to the braid you are trying to achieve: Once your hair has been fixed, the next thing you need to do is to make divisions on your hair as you start to braid it. Do you want single braids, double braids or multiple braids? Your choice in this aspect will be affected not only by your personal bias but also by the thickness of your hair. Definitely, it would be hard to make multiple braids in your hair if it is not that long and thick. This consideration is important as you attempt to ponytail your braided hair.
  3. Start braiding your hair. Now, you can proceed to the actual braiding of your hair. Twist and turn your hair so that it forms something like a round knot. It is up to you how thick or how thin the knots that you will do to your hair. Just ensure that the knots will hold down together and that it will not lie loose. Do this until you meet the middle part of your hair.
  4. Leave some hair unbraided and ponytail them: When you are halfway through the braiding of your hair, stop the braiding. This unbraided part shall be the ponytail portion of your hair. Ponytail the middle portion, which has been left unbraided. Pick out a ponytail or two and make the design that you like for your hair.
  5. Finish the braiding: When the middle portion has been ponytailed, you can now continue the braiding of your hair. You can play up with other forms and designs, mixing braids and ponytail. This can give variety to your hairstyle.

Your hair is very essential in the way you look. This is why it is important that you put much attention in organizing it. Leave the boundaries of hair clips and hair bands; follow the steps here to achieve that cute and funky braided and ponytailed look!


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