How To Make a Ponytail with Hair Extensions

When your hair gets frizzy and wavy, it becomes unmanageable. Whatever kind of shampooing or conditioning you apply to your hair, it just looks disappointingly ugly.

One of the problems that you might have frequently encountered in connection to managing your hair is hair fall. If the amount of hair fall is really massive and uncontrollable, you may eventually find yourself getting shorter and shorter hair, or worse, getting bald. Given that case, you can resort to having hair extensions.

However, you might still fret because you think that having hair extensions can be more of a problem rather than a solution to the way your hair looks. Do not fret. Even with hair extensions in, you can still style your hair in various ways, including ponytails. Here are steps you must bear in mind in making a ponytail with your hair extensions.

  1. Do the prearrangements needed for your hair. Before doing the ponytail, you must ensure first that your hair is clean and organized. For this, it is advisable that you have already taken a bath. Afterwards, comb your hair until it dries. Also, get rid of dusts and other dirt in your hair. The organization of your hair means that it is clean and trimmed before you do anything with it.
  2. See to it that the hair extensions are not tangled. Since they are artificial and made of artificial material, your hair extension may be more prone to being entangled. You must know that tangled hairs can cause you unbearable pain once you attempt t ponytail them. This can become worse if you are dealing with hair extensions.
  3. Decide on the kind of ponytail that you will do to your hair: You must choose the type of ponytail that you will do on your hair. Are you going to do a single ponytail or two ponytails? How long will be the hair that you will ponytail? These considerations are important as you ponytail your hair extension. The answers to these questions can also dictate the kind of preparation you will do to your hair.
  4. Pick up the ponytail and do it. Now, all you need to do is to ponytail your hair extension. Hold on to the hair that you will ponytail and then insert the ponytail. Twist around the portion of the hair that you intend to ponytail. Do one or two more rotations to make sure that it is not loose and that it tightly grips on your hair. A word of caution though: Do not put on the ponytail too tightly since it can harm your hair’s condition. Do the same process to the other portions of your hair if you choose to make two ponytails. 

Do not ever think that having hair extension is disadvantageous for you when it comes to styling and arranging your hair. Actually, it does not make much difference whether you have hair extensions or not. It is up to you to execute your desired hairstyle. Even if you are sporting a hair extension, it should not prevent you from mixing and matching several hairstyles. You can try ponytailing your hair extensions. Just follow the list given here and you are on your way to stunning everyone with your cute ponytailed hair.


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