How To Make a Relaxing Bath Soak

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The bath is a sanctuary for tired and aching muscles, especially if you know how to make your own relaxing bath soak. Instead of purchasing the expensive bath sets, you can create a soak that is not only affordable for everyday use, but also easy to prepare. You can also tailor the bath soak to fit your mood and your needs.

  1. Process the herbs. Use natural herbs to create the base for the soothing bath soak. Take fresh lavender, mint, passion flower, chamomile, peppermint, and other herbs. Make sure that these herbs are organically grown, since pesticide sprayed on the leaves of plants can irritate the skin. To be sure, wash these in running water before chopping them into smaller portions. Then, place the herbs separately in a food processor. Combining the herbs all at once will dilute the original scent that the herbs have.
  2. Prepare the bath. Open the faucet and fill the tub with water. Take at least half a cup of the herbs and place these in the tub. Warm water works best with the herbs, since the heat will allow the herbs to diffuse through the water. It will also help carry the scent.
  3. Soak. Soak in the tub to relax, for 20 to 30 minutes. You can also add more of the herbs, if you will soak longer in the water. Soaking longer in the water, especially in colder climates, will require you to drain off some of the water and add more hot water. Add around a quarter of a cup of the herb mixture to replenish the bath water. The herb mixture also goes great with bath salts. You can also add fresh rose petals to the mixture. Crumple the petals in your hand to release the essential oils in the flower, and let these float in the tub.
  4. Alternative mixtures. For very sore muscles, you can create a relaxing bath soak by combing an ounce of sage, agrimony, comfrey leaf, burdock root, mugwort, and sassafras bark. Process these separately in a food processor and add to the bath. Use half a cup to fill in the tub. These ingredients are especially chosen to remove the heat from the body caused by muscles that have been overstrained. These plants also have natural soothing oils that will pamper your muscles after a hard day at work.
  5. Storage. If you are planning on storing the relaxing bath soak or giving these as gifts, you will need to allow the ingredients to dry out. You can place the ingredients in a pan and leave this under the sun until it dries out. Keep in mind, however, that the herbs will lose their potency when exposed to too much wind for too long. Once dried, combine the herbs in a glass jar with an airtight seal. Add bath salt to keep the herbs dry and fresh before sealing the gift with wrapper, or tying a ribbon around the bottle.

Pampering yourself every now and then is important to relieve yourself from stress from work. Follow these steps and create enough for several baths, for quick relief after a hard day at work.


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