How To Make a Rose Petal Bath

The hectic lifestyle and busy schedule that you live can actually cause your skin to deteriorate quickly and show up as sagging skin and creases on your face and body. After a long day at work, one of the best ways to soothe yourself and relax is with a skin revitalizing rose petal bath. A rose petal bath, however, does not need to be expensive and can be done at home – instead of in an expensive spa. Here are the steps for you to make your own rose petal bath.

Gather rose petals. The most important part of the rose petal bath is finding the petals. If you have a rose garden, this should be easy. Pick off the petals from the flowers. As much as possible, choose older flowers because the petals from these flowers are weaker and are ready to be plucked and will even fall off themselves with a few shakes. Make sure that the petals have been grown organically and that no fertilizers and chemicals have been used on the flowers, since this can cause allergic skin reactions during the bath.

Scatter onto the bath. Open the tub and fill it with water. Scatter the petals near the mouth of the faucet, so that the petals will circulate through the tub, using the force of the jet stream from the faucet. A rose petal bath is especially useful if you have a Jacuzzi or a whirlpool, since the jet streams will mix the flower petals into the water, and will suffuse the bath with the rose petal extracts. You can also crush some of the rose petals to allow the nutrients in the petals to seep into the water.

Add bath salts and soaps. The next step is to add your bath salts and liquid soap. This will help make the bath even more revitalizing. Bath salts are especially designed to slough away the dead skin cells on the body. Rose petals have natural ingredients which will naturally soften the skin. You can also add scents and bath oils into the tub in order to further moisturize the body as you soak. As much as possible, soak in the tub for at least twenty minutes, in order to fully relax in the scent and soothing powers of rose petals. As an alternative, you can also dry the rose petals first, and create potpourri out of the petals. Add some scents, and use these for your bath. This will make the bath even more fragrant.

Clean up. After soaking in your rose petal bath, you can drain the tub and pick up the pieces of rose petals. Place these in your compost pit, or dispose of in biodegradable bins. As much as possible, you should place screen plugs into the bath tub so that the rose petals will not flow off into the drain, after your bath. These plugs are available in most home supply stores.

Whether you are stressed out or simply feeling blue, a rose petal bath is one of the best and easy ways for you to get an instant lift. Not only will the aroma enhance and invigorate you, but your skin will become soft and smoother as well.


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