How To Make a Rose Petal Bubble Bath

Roses have always captivated people, because of the luxurious scent, colors, and the abundant petals that the rose has. It has also been used in a variety of ways – such as in bouquets for loved ones, as a garden ornament, or even as décor for a romantic night. One of the most luxurious ways of using the rose petal, however, is through a rose petal bubble bath. Here are the steps to making your own.

Gather some rose petals. Roses today are easy to grow. If you have your own rose garden, you can pick the rose petals from your flowers. You can, however, also purchase roses from the local flower shop. Make sure, however, that the roses you use are grown organically, since rose blooms that make use of chemical fertilizers can have toxins that will irritate your skin. If you cannot find organically grown roses, make sure that the fertilizers where not sprayed onto the flowers. The best flowers for a rose petal bubble bath are the slightly older roses whose petals have ripened and are easier to pluck.

Mix the bubble bath solution. A bubble bath is highly soothing, and can be prepared at home using inexpensive ingredients. For a natural bubble bath, take a bar of natural soap. Natural soaps contain no harsh chemicals that will force bubbles. Instead, these make use of plant and animal fats that are gentle on the skin and which create mild foaming bubbles. Cut the bar into pieces and place in a pot of boiling water. Stir occasionally to melt the soap completely.

Pour in the bath mixture. Once the bubble bath mixture is completed, stir it into the tub. If the mixture is too hot, you can adjust the water temperature by adding in some cold water. To get the bubbles to form, you can use your hands to agitate the water. Pouring the mixture slowly near the mouth of the faucet will also cause more bubbles. Once the bubble bath is in place, add the rose petals. You can also mix in some bath salts and bath oils to make the rose petal bubble bath even more soothing. You can also crush some of the rose petals in order to release the natural compounds which soothe the senses and soften the skin.

Soak. Take a long soothing bath and soak in the rose petals. For a truly relaxing feeling, you should focus on inhaling the scent of the rose petal bubble bath. Keep in mind that the longer you stay in the bath, the more time the rose petals will be able to work on softening your skin. The bath salts will also have more time to work on removing the dirt and debris which accumulates on the surface of the skin over time.

After your bath, dispose of the rose petals in a compost pit. Use light oils to seal in the rose petal nutrients into your skin. With these steps, you should be able to feel refreshed and revitalized through a rose petal bubble bath.


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