How To Make a Scarf with Pompoms

Pompom scarves are those colorful scarves that you tie around your neck with ball-like figures hanging on them. Pompom scarves make great accessories, especially during winter. Not only do they protect your neck from getting too cold, they can also add a splash of funkiness in any outfit.

Making your own pompom scarf is an easy task, as long as you have the proper tools. First and foremost, you need a pompom maker. Pompom makers are basic tools that you can purchase on craft stores for less than ten dollars. This is a good investment if you plan to seriously take on the pompom-making hobby. You can also consider making scarves as gifts, to make your pompom maker worth it.

Purchase six to ten skeins of yarn, and depending on the size of the yarn, some embroidery needle and thread. Prepare a pair of scissors as well.

Study the manual that comes with the pompom maker. Grab your yarn and carefully wrap it around the maker. Wrap around fifty times, and remember to gather the yarn at the center and tie it securely. Get your scissors and cut through the point where the yarn is doubled, this will create a fluffy ball for your pompoms. Patiently repeat these steps until you make around 72 pompoms for your project. These will be enough to create 3 rows of pompoms with 24 balls each.

You can ask your kids to make the pompoms with you as this can be rather time consuming. Wrapping the yarn is really an easy task that you can entrust with little kids.

When you’re done with the 70 pompoms, prepare your embroidery needle that already has an embroidery thread or thin yarn. At the end of the yarn, tie a knot so that it won’t slip through the needle hole. Get a piece of pompom and insert the needle in the middle of the ball. Pull the needle until the knot reaches the pompom. Secure the pompom in place by tying another knot.

Measure about half an inch from this knot and make another knot. Don’t worry about the visibility of the knot, as the puffy pompom will be able to conceal it. Insert another pompom and secure it with another knot.
Grab a third pompom and insert the needle in the middle of it, only after you have created another knot about half an inch from the second pompom. These steps create a row of three pompoms.

Hold the needle and let the row of pompoms fall. Get the pompom that is nearest the needle and insert your needle at its midpoint. Make a 90-degree angle from where the needle ends. This will allow you to make additional rows on the side of your first row.

Continue making rows of pompoms until your scarf is long enough. Remember to try your scarf in progress to check on the length.

If you want a multi-colored scarf, simply pick coordinated colors for your yarn. Choose shades that are easily coordinated with just about anything from your closet. You can also match the color with your favorite bag. If you intend to give it as a gift, remember to insert a personalized note that you made it yourself.


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