How To Make a Shamrock Hat

Are you planning to make your own shamrock hat?  Well, before your proceed, you have to make up your mind. You have to find out exactly what you want to create. The forms and the designs are too many. But don’t worry, most of them are easy to do and they definitely require not too many materials. In other words, you can readily accomplish your project, especially if you have chosen the best one for you. Note, however, that most crafters prefer the version that divides the shamrock hat into two parts. They simply join the parts later and surprisingly, they don’t do any sewing and they don’t apply any complex craft technique.

Here are the steps on how you can make your own shamrock hat:

  • Get your head’s circumference. See to it that the measurement is precise. The result is going to indicate the inside size of your shamrock hat. Once the size has been established, give a half an inch allowance to the total. That is going to guarantee that your shamrock hat is going to fit loosely on your head.
  • Proceed by drawing a circle. Its size should be similar to the size of your head. Refer to above step. After that, draw another circle. This time, make it bigger or larger than the first circle. Allot a difference of two or three inches. The second circle accounts for the brim of your shamrock hat. So, be cautious. Your goal is to make a fit that is proper and comfortable. However, most craftsmen note that the average measurement is about 10” on the outside and 7” on the inside.
  • Bring out your pencil and your ruler. Use them to draw or trace a rectangle, 6” x 5”. Your next step is to cut out that rectangle. Don’t rush the cutting. It is important that you have a steady, nice line.
  • Proceed by rolling the rectangle. Then, get your glue. Use it to goal the ends of the rectangle. After gluing the ends, you should have a pipe shape.
  • Attach the pipe directly to the brim of your shamrock hat. Again, use your glue. Make sure the tube is properly and firmly connected from the inside. That should allow your finished product to look cleaner, sharper, and more polished.
  • Let the glue to cool and set down first. That should take a few minutes. After that, bring out your bead necklace or your green ribbon. Allow the necklace or the ribbon to roll around your shamrock hat’s base. That readily hides the specific joining areas.
  • If you have chosen to use a ribbon, you can roll it around the hat. Then, fashion a knot. You can also tie it. Get your glue gun so you can position the ribbon and keep it there firmly.
  • Enhance the decoration by adding some accessories. Put some lucky charms or plastic shamrocks.

Another good material for your shamrock hat is a construction paper. However, bear in mind that paper is not really strong. It may not last for long. So, if you have a choice, it is better to stick to green craft foam.


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