How To Make a Side Braided Chignon

Chignon is made by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck. Historically speaking, chignon comes from the French term “chignon du cou” which is literally translated into “nape of the neck.” Thus, this type of hairstyle is usually characterized by showing part of the nape of your neck. This type of hairstyle can be considered a hairstyle for any occasion because you can use it whenever you want to go to a party, a wedding ceremony, a fiesta celebration and other festivities. Moreover, it can easily be done in just a few minutes. Chignon comes in different styles. One of them is the side braided chignon. How do you make a side braided chignon yourself without bothering to go to a beauty parlor or salon? Here are the steps:

  1. When you just come out of the shower, it is necessary that you dry your hair immediately. You can also choose not to do so but do not start with the braiding process when your hair is still dripping, of course.
  2. Then you have to part your hair to the left side using a comb. Then gather the hair that was parted on the right side of your head.  Leave the left side and back alone
  3. The hair on the right side of your head is where you start to braid. Do this by starting just above the right ear and continue to create one long braid. Secure this part by a rubber band.  The band can be either clear or in a color that is similar to your hair.
  4. When the braid on the right side is already secured, brush the left side of your hair towards the back. Then, hold all of this hair on your left hand and bring it around to your right side just over the braid you made.
  5. Use your straight hair from the left side of your head to cover the braid. Do this by bringing it around your head – towards the front and over the braid – until it reached the ends. Then secure the ends underneath and put some straight hairpins to keep it from untangling.
  6. Take the braid and gather it around the hair already secured. Wrap the braided hair in the same way you did with the straight hair from the left part of your head.
  7. Should any short hairs come out, smoothen them using your trusted hair cream. Just follow the directions indicated in the labels of your hair cream.

Whenever an occasion is held, just follow these basic steps on how to make a side braided chignon and everything will be fine. You can actually match this type of hairstyle to any outfit that you see as appropriate for a certain occasion or event that you will be attending. So don’t worry about threats of fashion flop or bad hair day because a chignon can always save you from those embarrassing moments.


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