How To Make a Skin Exfoliating Facial Mask

Exfoliation is the best way to have a radiant, soft, and even toned skin. Maintenance of this skin is costly, especially if you are planning to go visit a beauty salon or spa often. Usually, spas provide exfoliating facial treatments that will make your skin more beautiful. However, if you want to feel more beautiful while saving money, the best thing to do is make your own skin exfoliating facial mask.

Unlike the treatments given in salons, home made facial masks include natural ingredients that will not harm your skin. These beauty recipes are more suitable for people who have sensitive skin. With the natural ingredients used, your exfoliating facial mask assures safety. Here are the basic ways in making a skin exfoliating facial mask:

  1. Prepare your materials. Make sure that you have the following ingredients on hand: lemon juice, mashed tomato, ground oats, Aloe Vera and brown sugar. Get ready with your mixing tools like spoon, food processor, bowl, and cloth. The utensils should be clean and sanitized.
  2. Mix the ingredients. Use the processor to grind the oats. Note that the oats should have a fine surface. In your bowl, combine the following: Aloe Vera, oats, lemon juice, and brown sugar. Use a non-stick specialized spoon in mixing. Mix the ingredients until it turns into paste.
  3. Add more vitamins. Do this by mixing the mashed tomato and the paste that you previously made. You can also use a liquefied tomato. Good skin tone is the result of tomato. Tomato is also a source of skin protection from direct and too much sunlight.
  4. Check your skin type. The amount of tomato depends on the skin type you have. Tomato is best for chapped and dry skin. If you have an oily skin, do not mix much tomato.
  5. Use the exfoliating facial mask. Spread the recipe from your face to your throat. Massage the mask employing circular directions. Control your hands so that the massage will be as gentle as possible.
  6. Take your time. The longer you massage, the more the exfoliating power the recipe will have. Exfoliating will help you get rid of impurities as well as dead skin. Facial massage should take three to six minutes.
  7. Be cautious. Do not spread the recipe onto your eyes. The recipe will irritate your eyes. You should also avoid the areas that will be inflamed when exposed to exfoliation recipes.
  8. Let the recipe rest for about seven minutes. The waiting time will serve as the absorption time of your skin. During this time, your skin will absorb the natural ingredients in the recipe.
  9. Remove the recipe. You can do this my using a wet cloth. Rub the exfoliated area. Rinse with water. Use cool water because it helps to close pores. Face the mirror. You can see a healthy and radiant skin texture. Use a moisturizer afterwards.

Exfoliating can be cheaper and more personal if you will follow the instructions listed above. You can use this recipe every time you exfoliate. Remember that exfoliation is only good two to four times per week.  You can do your adjustments in the formula, as your skin needs it. What are you waiting for? Start exfoliating your skin now! 


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