How To Make a Tattoo Stencil

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Making a tattoo stencil can be a lot of fun, especially if you are creating your own personalized design. You can draw out your design yourself and, once complete, use it to create a tattoo transfer so that it leaves its outline perfectly on your skin. This is also a very useful technique when trying to tattoo (or henna) a complicated design on yourself. Follow these easy steps to make a transfer (tattoo stencil).

  1. Make sure you have your design on regular paper first. Take your time drawing the design, making sure all details are just as you want them.
  2. Place the transfer paper on a flat table.
  3. Place the carbon paper ink-side down so that it faces the transfer paper.
  4. Place your design on top of the back of the carbon paper.
  5. Tape these sheets together securely so that they don't move around. If they are able to move, your final result might not be quite what you envisioned.
  6. Trace over the design by pressing firmly on the design to ensure that you transfer it completely.
  7. Once you have completed tracing over the whole design, cut it out along the edges.
  8. The skin needs to be moistened in order for the transfer to stick onto the skin, so put some deodorant (glycerin-based) on the area where you want to place your design.
  9. Now that the transfer paper has your design on it, place the transfer paper on top of the moistened area and rub gently onto the skin.
  10. Now just trace over it with your favorite body art material, such as henna paste.

Remember to always press hard enough to make sure the outline of the design is transferred perfectly. Now you can recreate any design you've admired or make that totally unique design you always wanted to have.


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