How To Make a Toga from a Sheet: Making Togas

Dress Appropriately for Toga Parties


Toga parties are a time-honored tradition across college campuses and suburban neighborhood fetes. The easy access to bed sheets and the inexpensive nature of creating a toga costume makes it a fun party theme. If you follow these instructions, you can make one from your bed sheet in less than ten minutes. 

Here's how to make a toga from a sheet.

White flat sheet (twin or full size)
3 large safety pins
5 foot length of ribbon (green or gold)

  1. Lay the sheet flat on the bed. Check for holes or tears.
  2. Fold the sheet in half (from top to bottom). Holding the open ends, take the sheet off the bed.
  3. Wrap the sheet around your body. Join the top two corners above your left shoulder. The rest should be under your arms.
  4. Tie the top two corners in a knot. The corners you joined in step three should be tied in a secure knot above the shoulder.
  5. Secure the side gap. Once you tie the knot over your shoulder, your toga is almost complete. The only problem is the gap between the two sides on your left. Use the safety pins to secure the sides. Adjust the wrap of the sheet to however loose or tight you prefer. Then pin the sides.
  6. Tie belt using ribbon (optional). Shape the toga to your preference, then wrap the ribbon around your middle and tie into a knot to form the belt.

After following these steps, you will have made a toga from a common bed sheet. If you want a shorter toga or more complicated fashion, use additional safety pins to fold the sheet and secure the edges. Do not cut the sheet. If you are a regular guest to these parties, you may have a designated sheet or toga. If not, just follow these instructions and borrow a bed sheet for the night.


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