How To Make a Turban Pattern

Turbans come in a variety of sizes and colors. Ideally, they’re meant to indicate a particular culture but these days, turbans have already become staple pieces in the closets of fashion trendsetters. While you’ll be able to find different instructions for turban patterns, the one being imposed by this article is a basic wrap for men. If you’re all set to learn how, just keep on reading below!

  • You’ll need the right kind of turban to start. To create your own turban pattern, you’ll need a “pugree” (also known as turban wrap) in rubia or voyal fabric. Have it measured and cut anywhere from 6-8 feet. It’s best to overestimate than to underestimate as you can just snip away the excess rather than having to worry about a snug fit. These days, finding a turban seller is easier than you think it is. You can make a quick stop at your tailor and it is highly likely for them to point you towards the right fabric stores.
  • Begin by dividing the wrap into two lengthwise. In this manner, you can now fit your turban. Simply place the turban wrap above and across head and make sure its sides are stretched over your ears. If this is what you see, then kudos to you! Next, take the ends of your turban and bring them towards you at your nasal level. Remember to do this as firmly as you can without causing tension on your ears. The last thing you want to experience is lightheadedness from all that pain.
  • Practice makes perfect. Since the wrap remains to be in the palms of your hands, observe a downwards motion and move both sides to the back of your head and continue doing so until the wrap has reached your forehead and aligned with your temples. Exchange hands each time you begin to wrap the sides around your head. It can definitely speed things up. It is understood that this step might rub you the wrong way but a little practice can help make things clearer for you.
  • Wrap the turban in reverse. Now that you’re a pro at wrapping turbans, use the excess cloth to wrap the turban the other way. Basically, maintain the same process except this time, you’re moving in the opposite direction, that is, bringing the ends of your turban around your head from back to front. Keep switching hands until you’ve reached the same level. Once you’ve used up the turban and reached your intended length, lock it into place by tying the ends together. Congratulations! You’ve just executed a simple turban pattern.

Aside from their designs and unique structure, many patterns and ways in which turbans are wrapped contribute to what makes them so special. By reading this article, you’ll be able to master a basic turban pattern without it being necessary to check with a turban store. Don’t be turned down whenever you hear other people comment about how difficult and confusing it is, whatever the case, learning a pattern is possible with practice and patience.


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