How To Make Acne Medicine

Acne is a problem that can affect one’s confidence. If you are suffering from a severe case of acne, you may want to hide your face all the time. Purchasing acne creams and lotions does not always get rid of the problem. They may even cause more breakouts if your skin gets irritated with the chemicals found in these acne creams.

Pimples usually appear during adolescence when the body goes through different hormonal changes. Aside from this, acne can also be caused by poor diet. Some people have acne because of their genes. You can make your own natural acne medicine at home. If you are suffering from acne, this is a medicine that you can easily make. All you need are a few ingredients from your kitchen.

Here are the steps on how you can make your own acne medicine:

  1. Materials and ingredients. For this acne medicine, you will need a cup of oatmeal, a clove or garlic, two tablespoons of honey, a spoon for mixing, a soap towel and a small cooking pot.
  2. Cooking the acne medicine. Get your small cooking pot. Cook the oatmeal until it is soft and gooey. When the oatmeal is ready, add the garlic clove and the honey to the mixture. Mix it with a spoon. Turn off the stove and allow the mixture to cool. Do not let it cool completely. Let it cool just enough so that you won’t burn your face when you put it on. While waiting for the mixture to cool, you can proceed with the next steps.
  3. Prepare your face. While waiting for the mixture to cool, get another small cooking pot and boil some water. When it comes to a boil, lower the fire. Get your soap towel and put it over your face. Lean over the cooking pot so that the steam can go directly to your face. This will open up your pores. Do this until there is no more steam coming out of the pot. Afterwards, wash your face with cool water.
  4. Using the acne medicine. At this point, your acne mixture is cool enough. Spread a generous amount of oatmeal on your face. Allow the mixture to dry on your face. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, remove the mixture from your face with water.

These are the steps on how you can make your own acne medicine at home. Do this procedure at least twice a week to help clear your acne. Relying on this treatment to cure your acne is not enough. You also have to watch your diet. Avoid eating fatty foods and remember to drink lots of water. Wash your face at least twice a day, so that oil will not build up and clog your pores.

If your acne does not clear up, it is best to seek help from a dermatologist. You might need other medicines to get rid of your acne problem. Some people need oral medication to get rid of acne buildup. 


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