How To Make After-Shower Body Oil

After taking a bath, it is essential that you put lotion or body oil on your entire body. This will prevent you from having dry skin as it will keep the moisture in. You can purchase body oils in body care shops and supermarkets but they can be quite expensive, especially if you prefer the branded ones. One solution to this is by making your own after-shower body oil at home. The advantage is that you will be able to have a body oil with the scent of your choice and it will also save you money.

The steps in making your own after-shower body oil are quite easy. Here are the simple steps that you should follow:

  1. Materials and ingredients. Purchase the materials and ingredients that you will need for creating this body oil. You will need a container to put your oil in. The ingredients are grape seed oil and essential oil in the scent of your choice. If you do not have these ingredients at home, you can purchase them from the store.
  2. Making the after-shower body oil. Get your container and make sure that it is clean. Pour in the grape seed oil until the container is about ¾ full. After this, add the essential oil that you have chosen. First put about twenty drops of the essential oil. Mix the solution and test it on your skin. You can adjust the smell of your after-shower body oil by adding more drops of essential oil. Now you have your own after-shower body oil.
  3. Using the body oil. Use this solution after every bath to keep your skin smooth and moisturized. What you do is apply a generous amount of the after-shower body oil while your body is still wet. Afterwards, dry your skin with a bath towel by patting your skin instead of rubbing.

These are the simple steps on how you can make your own after-shower body oil by yourself. You can make different scented oils to have more variety. This is best used by people who have dry skin. The solution will keep the skin hydrated and healthy. This after-shower body oil can be used up to a year. It is best if you keep your container in the refrigerator to keep the ingredients fresh for the next time you use it.

The homemade after-shower body oil is also a good gift idea to give to your friends. You can purchase decorative containers and ribbons so that you can give it in a good package. Choose scents that your friends will love. This will definitely save you some money.

After-shower body oils are not the only body care items that you can do by yourself at home. You can also make other items, such as face masks, bath bombs, perfumes, aftershaves and many more. All you have to do is to search for their recipes online. This will definitely be cheaper than buying all the commercial products that are offered in the market.


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