How To Make an Afro with Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you may want to change things up by having an afro instead. It’s a dramatic look to pull off whether you want to do it to make a beauty statement or because you want to change your look for a costume party.

Transforming your straight hair to frizzy afro will take some time and work so have some patience to get the best results.

  • Wear a wig. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of curling, teasing and perming your hair, the easiest way to get an afro do is to wear a wig. If you only need the hairstyle for a few hours, such as for a costume party or a performance, it makes sense to simply use a wig you can put on and take off. You can find some great wigs at a wig and hair shop or even some salons.
  • Wash your hair. If you want to do it the old fashioned way, wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. This way, your hair will be slightly damp. It’s easiest to work with hair that is above shoulder length to get full body. If your hair is long, it may be difficult to get it to become an afro because the length of the hair will weigh it down.
  • Divide the hair in section. With a fine comb, separate your hair into sections. Make about six to eight sections around your head. It doesn’t have to be even since you want an afro look anyway, so don’t worry about making it symmetrical.
  • Braid the hair. Braid your damp hair. Get a section of the hair you have segregated and braid it tightly. You may want to use some styling product on the hair to make sure it stays in place. When you get to the ends, twist it around before securing with a pin. This will help give your hair more texture and volume.
  • Leave it on. For optimum results, walk around the house with your hair this way the whole day. If you need your look ready by evening, braid your hair in the morning and take it out after at least six to eight hours. If you need your style ready by the morning, do the braids at night and sleep with it. If it’s slightly uncomfortable, get a shower cap and cover your hair.
  • Unbraid with your fingers. When the hair is ready, remove the pins you used to secure your hair. Finger comb you hair to separate the locks. Next, bend over and finger comb the hair starting from the roots working your way to the ends. This will give your hair the needed volume.
  • Tease the roots. With a rat comb or a fine toothed comb, start getting sections of your hair and tease the hair. Bring the comb up and down on a section of hair. This will leave the hair standing on its roots. Repeat the process throughout the entire head.
  • Secure with a stay hold product. When you are done teasing you hair, use a finishing spray to secure the style.

Voila! Your straight hair is now all curls and a fro! If you plan on keeping this style on a permanent basis, you may want to get a perm so as not to damage your hair with all the constant teasing and styling. Otherwise, have fun with it and enjoy your new look.


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