How To Make an Ayurvedic Cleanser for Dry Skin

As the Ayurveda philosophy proposes, beauty products should be all-natural; that is, without any trace of chemicals or preservatives. If you want to make your ayurvedic cleanser for dry skin, therefore, all you need to do is look through your kitchen for the ingredients, buy some from an Indian specialty store, and whip up a mixture. Making ayurvedic cleanser is very simple. Take a look at the following.

  1. Almond. You need 20 peeled whole almonds, one cup of water, one ounce of lavender hydrosol, one ounce of vegetable glycerin, and four drops of geranium essential oil. Put the almonds in a blender, then add water. Crush the almonds until they turn to a milk-like mixture. Then, pour it into a mixing bowl. Add in lavender hydrosol, essential oil, and vegetable glycerin. Mix the ingredients well. Make sure to shake the cleanser well before use. Then, lather on face. When finished, store the almond cleanser in a clean jar and keep in the refrigerator when not in use.
  2. Oatmeal. Prepare 1 ½ cups of oats, ½ teaspoon of sandalwood powder, ½ teaspoon of rose petal powder, one drop of lavender oil. Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Stir thoroughly until the ingredients form a paste. Keep in a clean container. If you want to make a mixture good for a week, mix all the dry ingredients together and keep in a container. Whenever you are about to wash your face, take a small amount of the mixed powder and add lavender oil. Massage to the face and leave for at least 15 minutes. Wash off with water afterwards. 
  3. Rice Bran. Get one ounce of rice bran powder, one ounce of chickpea powder, and ¼ ounce each of hibiscus powder, sandalwood powder, rose powder, and coriander powder. Put all the ingredients in a clean container. Every wash time, get enough amount of the mixed powder and combine with a few drops of water to make a paste. Then, massage to face all the way down to the neck. Rinse with warm water after.
  4. Oatmeal With Goat Milk. Prepare two tablespoons of oatmeal, two teaspoons of goat milk powder, one teaspoon of rose petal powder, one teaspoon of sandalwood powder, ½ teaspoon of multani mitti clay (an Indian clay), two drops of rose attar (an Indian essential oil), and one ounce of water. First grind the oatmeal using a blender. Then, mix all the powder ingredients and ground oatmeal in a container. Whenever you are ready to wash your face, get a small amount of the mixed dry ingredients and add one ounce of warm water and rose attar. Mix the ingredients to form a paste. Apply to the face. Let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it off with water.

Among all the skin types, dry skin is the most challenging to manage. But ayuverdic healing philosophy makes it easier for you through these natural mixtures, which all act to remove excess oil, nourish, and exfoliate the skin. With regular use, your skin will end up looking young and healthy.


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