How To Make an Earring Remover

When you get your ears pierced, there is a chance that your ear can become infected if you do not take care of it properly. This can be itchy and your earlobe can get infected. When this happens, you should remove the studs to let your ear breathe. Removing the stud by yourself can be painful. You can make your own earring remover to remove the earring without stressing your ear too much.

Follow the steps that are provided below to know how you can make an earring remover:

  • Materials that you need. The materials that you need for your earring remover are a drill, a machine bolt, 2 pieces of flat metal hooks and a wing nut.
  • Prepare the wing nut. The first thing to do is to drill some holes on the wing nut. You have to drill one hole for each of the wings. The hole should be big enough for the metal hooks to go through.
  • Attach the hooks. Get one of the flat metal hooks and poke it through the hole that you drilled. Bend the metal hook down so that it can stay in place. Do this too with the other metal hook on the other side of the wing nut.
  • Attach to the machine bolt. Use the drill to make a hole at the center on the end of the machine bolt. Get the wing nut and screw it on the machine bolt. Now you have an earring remover.
  • Using the earring remover. To use the earring remover, attach the loop of the earring on the hooks that are attached to the wing nut. Make sure that the hole is aligned to the back of the earring. Screw carefully until you see that the back your earring slides back to the end of the stud. When you have removed the back part of the earring, slowly push the stem to release the earring from your ear.

It is that easy to remove your earring with the earring remover that you made. If you are suffering from an infection due to your new earring, you have to consult a doctor regarding the treatment for it. If not treated, the infection can develop and you can have a yellowish discharge coming out of the piercing. To avoid having a piercing infection, follow the tips provided below.

  • Use sterilized needles. Have your ears pierced by a professional. Do not attempt to pierce your own ears. Always use sterilized equipment when having your ears pierced.
  • Avoid touching your piercing. After the piercing, avoid touching your ears. Your hands can have some bacteria that can transfer to the wound of your piercing and this can cause an infection.
  • Loosen your earrings. Make sure that the earrings that you wear are not too tight. If it is on too tight, loosen it up a bit so that the wound can heal more quickly and properly.
  • Clean your earrings. At night, remove the earrings and clean them with alcohol. This will kill off all the bacteria present on the earrings. Do not wear the earrings when you go to bed to air out the piercing. This will also prevent irritation since you can scratch your ears easily when go to bed wearing them.


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