How To Make and Fill a Henna Applicator Cone

Tattoos or body art have become as commonplace as black nail polish. Before heading off to make your tattoo permanent or more elaborately designed, try henna as your ink to your canvas a.k.a. skin. The beauty of using henna is that it is semi-permanent meaning it lasts for about a week or two and then you can move on to another design when the mood hits you. It’s not even painful!

Now before you run off to buy your supply of reddish brown henna powder, learn how to find or make your own henna applicator cone.

Finding or making your own henna applicator cone:

  1. Rummage through your kitchen. Do you see a squirt or squeeze bottle in the vicinity of your kitchen? If you find one, this can be your applicator cone. Just make sure you rinse it very thoroughly.
  2. Old latex gloves can also be used as your own henna applicator cone. Just tie four compartments with a rubber band and use the one that’s left as your henna applicator cone.
  3. You can use an old pastry cone, the one used for decorating a cake, as a henna applicator cone.
  4. A syringe can also be your alternative to a traditional henna applicator cone.
  5. If you have a zip-lock bag, use a couple of these together. Place a tiny straw in the center. Zip it shut with industrial tape with the straw peaking through a small hole where the henna is squeezed out.
  6. Cellophane, wax paper, plastic wrapping used for delivering roses, bubble wrap, or a plastic bag are also ideal materials for your henna applicator cone. Just shape it into a triangle that’s about 12 inches on each side. Roll one end towards the opposite end shaping this into a cone until you see that the tip is tight enough. If you’re fully satisfied that it is, seal the line with tape and cut a very tiny hole into the tip. 

Filling your henna applicator cone:

  1. Purchase your favorite henna paste, preferably pre-mixed to keep the mess down to a minimum.
  2. Get a good grip on your cone while checking if it’s properly sealed and its opening and tip is just the right size.
  3. Fill your cone with the henna mixture, pouring the paste directly from the bottle into the bottom or tip working your way up to the center of your cone then stop.
  4. Twist the top lightly and seal it with a rubber band then squeeze the henna paste through to the bottom until you see a tiny amount coming out from the tip of your cone.


  • You can store your henna paste in the fridge for up to two weeks in between touch ups.
  • To let the color and design soak and settle beautifully on your skin, do not wash the area for two days.
  • Do not be alarmed if at first you will see an almost yellowish/orangey stain on your skin. If you purchased a good pre-mixed henna brand expect this to turn into a reddish brown / russet color in two days’ time.
  • Olive oil or lemon juice will remove any residual stain on your skin but resort to using these after the two day period has elapsed.


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