How To Make Asian Eyes Look Huge

If you’re an Asian with small eyes, you might want a little bit of change every now and then and make your eyes appear bigger. Thank goodness for the miracles of make-up! Here are some of the tricks of the trade make-up artists do to make their Asian clients’ eyes look more prominent and well, eye-catching:

  • Groom your eyebrows. Remember this: your eyebrows are to your eyes what a picture frame is to a photo. Have your eyebrows professionally shaped, and if your eyebrows are a little on the thick side, you may want to have it thinned even just a little. That’s because heavy eyebrows tend to overwhelm small eyes. Once your eyebrows have been shaped the way you like it, maintain its shape by plucking stray hairs every now and then.
  • Choose your eye shadows strategically. First of all, know that dark-colored eye shadows tend to make eyes smaller, so it’s best that you stick to light-colored, neutral or pastel palettes. You should also choose the eye shadow trios that come with the same color but in different shades; these three shades will constitute the base (the middle shade), the accent (the darkest shade), and the highlight (the lightest shade) that you will need in the next steps.
  • Know how to apply the base and the accent colors. Sweep the base color on your eyelid. Next, apply the accent color to the crease of your eyelid, above the base color. The trick here is to follow the outline of the upper part of your eyeballs. This will give your eyes the appearance of depth. Now here’s the important thing: blend these two shades together! Blending is the difference between masterful and sloppy application.
  • Know how to apply the highlight. Now, the highlight is another trick of the trade that you can try out. Lightly sweep the highlight just below your eyebrows (following its contours), and then another one right on the inner corners of your eyes. Again, blend! The idea here is to make your eyes pop out, but not to have streaks of light color on your eyes.
  • Use eyeliner. Avoid using black eyeliner, which may be a little overwhelming for small eyes. Use brown eyeliner instead. Now, with one line, sweep the liner following the outline of your eye, but only at the top part. Afterwards make a little sweep of the eyeliner upwards just a little bit beyond the outermost corner of your eye. This will help extend the length of your eyes a little. Do remember that subtlety is key! It wouldn’t do to be too obvious, specially when in the daytime.
  • Keep the rest of your face simple. The trick here is to keep your lipstick and blush very light so that all the attention will be focused on your face.

There you have it! These are the easy steps towards making Asian eyes appear larger. Remember, the trick here is to emphasize your eyes so that it will become the focal point of your face. To make sure that you like the overall effect of your eye make-up, take the time to photograph yourself so you would see how you look. Get the opinion of a trusted friend, as well. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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