How To Make Beaded Hair Scrunchies

For a woman, having great hair can mean many things like a major confidence boost, or a relaxed feeling, or even perhaps having peace of mind. These are the reasons why women go to great length to fix their hair. These are the same reasons why women spend time and money in grooming their hair and buying accessories to style it. That is why a great range of accessories have been created from headbands, ribbons, ponytails and scrunchies.
Headbands, pony tail, and scrunchies are simple accents but when used properly will bring out the best in a woman’s hair. And the great thing about is, a woman can style and make her own hair accessories. It is simple and easy to make bedazzled headbands, fancy ribbons and even beaded hair scrunchies. Here are some tips on how to make beaded hair scrunchies.

  • Materials first before beading. Before you can start making beaded hair scrunchies, you need to have the right equipment. First start by getting any fabric you like. The right dimension for your fabric is 22-by-6 inches. You will also need a pair of scissors for cutting fabric and what not. A sewing machine and thread will come in handy in this project. Get ready some string elastic, about eight inches of the ¼-inch variant. Prepare a sewing noodle as well. And finally, get beautiful multicolored beads for your design. With the right equipment, you can make a nice looking beaded hair scrunchies.
  • Silk is in? Now gather all the materials in a work table. Take a close look at your things. If a silk material is found, set it aside. Silk will not work well as a scrunchie. It is too smooth to keep your hair together. So silk is out in making beaded hair scrunches.
  • Making the cut. Trim the fabric to the size that you need. Make a ½ inch crease on the inside side out. And make sure that you do this in just one end. This will be your sewing guide. Then slowly fold your fabric into half. Match the sides while unfolding the crease. You should leave a ½ inch space. The uncreased 6-inch edge and edge 22-inches long should be stitched. Be careful in stitching the edges.
  • Bead work begins. It is time to get your multicolored beads. The first thing you should do is stitch by hand the beads. Make sure that they are placed 2 centimeters apart. The beads should be stitched on the right side of the fabric. And while stitching the beads, make sure that there is room in the seams. You will be machine stitching that part. The best way to do just that is to avoid covering the entire area near the seams.
  • String it in. Go to the part of the fabric with the already stitched edge, the one that is 6 inches in length. Get your elastic string. Place it into 6-inch edge. Stitch the edge securely on the elastic string. This will give you a strong attachment to the fabric. Then turn the fabric with right side facing up. Connect the two ends of the elastic. It is best if you straighten your fabric. This will make the seam fall even.

With the right equipment and safe stitching, you now have your own beaded scrunchies. It is nice and easy when done right.


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