How To Make Beeswax Lip Balm

Now more than ever, consumers are demanding more natural beauty products on the market, free of dyes or harsh chemicals. Creating handmade body care products can also be fun and rewarding. One of the easiest products to start with is beeswax lip balm. Beeswax pellets can be purchased from any natural health food store, or online. A good source for beeswax and other products derived from bees is It supplies soapmakers and candlemakers with all the tools and ingredients to produce beautiful handmade crafts. For the purposes of creating a simple beeswax lip balm, you will need 2 tablespoons of grated beeswax or beeswax pellets, 1 tablespoon of shear or cocoa butter, a 1/4 tablespoon of vitamin E oil, a 1/4 tablespoon of honey, and a 1/2 tablespoon of coconut or macadamia nut oil. You may use more oils if you desire a shinier lip balm, or increase the amount of shea/cocoa butter if you want a more matte finish to your balm.      

You will need a pair of gloves, a heat safe container, newspaper for the table you are working on, an empty lip gloss or lip balm container which can be purchased at any online crafts store like, or Using a microwave safe pan, heat the beeswax, butter and oils (except for the vitamin E) for 30-45 second on high heat, and stir slowly. Continue at 15 second intervals stirring until all the ingredients have melted together. You may now add the honey and vitamin E to the mixture. This is also a good time to add any flavoring oils or essential oils, as their properties can be damaged or altered if overheated. You should use about 3% flavor oil by weight, which is not much, especially if you are only making a small pot of lip balm. It is best to use a small amount and add more later, as it is impossible to remove once it has been added into the mix. A pipette can be used to add the flavoring, and a dropper is useful for essential oils(Note: essential oils like peppermint or tea tree can be used if you want to produce a slight tingling sensation, but should be used sparingly, as they are quite strong). Once the mix has begun to cool you may begin pouring into the lip balm pots or tubes.

You may make a bit of a mess, but you will be very proud of your finished product.


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