How To Make Beeswax Lotion

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Beeswax is normally used in a number of self-care products. It is primarily known as a byproduct of honey, an ingredient found in most hand and body lotions, moisturizers, hand creams, etc. Beeswax is generally expensive because of the process that female worker honeybees go through in making honey.

Luckily, women who cannot afford beeswax are provided with a solution in order to seize the beauty it provides to the skin. These days, it is possible for women to make their own beeswax lotion in the comfort of their own homes. If you are among those women who would like to experience the magic of beeswax lotion, you simply need to gather the basic materials and learn the processes involved in the making of lotion.

Basically you will need to gather oil, water, emulsifying wax and scent or essential oil. Here are the basic recipes and procedures to make handmade beeswax lotion.

  1. Combine water and oils with emulsifying wax. These combinations will formulate the base of the homemade lotion. The emulsifying wax is very important because it will keep the oils and water separated from each other. You can do that by melting the wax and oil using a double boiler.
  2. Put in the scent or essential oil. Make sure not to overlook the scent or essential oil because it is not solely intended to serve as a fragrance to your handmade lotion. It is intended to provide aromatherapy effects as well.
  3. Add some colorants. This step is optional, but if you want to add a wonderful touch to your handmade lotion, you can decide to pursue this. Make your lotion look pleasant in the eyes by adding in it a fine color. You can choose if you want to use laboratory colorants or the colors from natural sources. Natural sources of colorants are more recommended though. Some of these are oxides, paprika and mica.

This lotion is perfect for you if you want a type of lotion that does not easily evaporate. This means that the lotion is creamier and thicker as compared to other lotions. Hence, the delicate coverage it provides can give your skin serious moisture.

In addition to the handmade body beeswax lotion, you can also formulate your own beeswax lotion bar. You simply need to gather the following ingredients: three ounces of beeswax; three ounces of almond oil; and two ounces of cocoa butter.

Melt and combine all of those ingredients thoroughly. Mold them into your preferred shape. Then, you can instantly form your handmade beeswax lotion bar.

Through the availability of these great recipes for beeswax handmade lotion, you no longer need to hurt your purse just to give your skin a healthy glow and smooth touch. By simply investing a little of your money for the ingredients and a little of your time for the formulation, you can already produce a ready-to-use homemade lotion. So if you want a fantastic yet affordable lotion, then this lotion is for you.


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