How To Make Bikini Waxing Less Painful

Whether for a beach vacation or simply as a part of your regular grooming, bikini waxing is one of the most challenging beauty procedures that you will have to undertake. Bikini waxing involve using melted wax that is spread over your genitals using a small wooden stick. Strips of gauze are then placed over the wax. When this has dried, the gauze is removed in a quick and sudden motion, which will take hair with it. If you have never had a bikini wax before, you can imagine how painful it is. Through these easy steps, you can minimize the pain.

  1. Regularize. Your first time to have a bikini wax will be very painful. The succeeding waxing, however, will be less painful especially if you do this regularly. Bikini wax will last for about four to six weeks. If you get your waxing every four weeks or less, the hair will not have yet fully grown back in. this means that the budding hair is much easier to remove and much less painful.
  2. Seek professionals. Although there are home bikini waxing kits available, it is best to use professional salons for waxing. These salons are equipped not only with materials for a comfortable waxing session, but also with trained and qualified technicians who have done the procedure hundreds of times and are equipped with soothing moisturizers and creams that can lessen the effects of a fresh bikini wax.
  3. Drugs and painkillers. Another way to lessen the pain of your bikini wax is by using drugs and painkillers. These drugs can be as simple as aspiring or Tylenol. Or, you can also have a glass full of wine or a cocktail to numb the body as preparation for the bikini wax. The cocktail will not only dull the body but will also put you in a relaxed state that will make the bikini wax much easier to bear.
  4. Warm shower. Take a warm shower before you visit the waxing salon. A warm shower will not only relax your body and calm you down, but the warm fluids will also help to open up the pores in your genital area. With the pores opened up, uprooting the hair from its follicles will be easier. During the warm shower, you can also trim your pubic hair. Ideally, hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long in order to the wax to be able to trap the hair.
  5. Not during periods. Be sure that you do not schedule your bikini waxing session during your periods or menstruation. Not only can this be messy, but your body and skin is also very sensitive and delicate during your periods because of the high levels of hormones that are released into the body during ovulation. The body is also very sensitive when flooded with sugar, nicotine, or caffeine. This means that you should minimize smoking, coffee, and treats at least two hours before your bikini waxing session.

The most important thing to remember when getting your bikini wax is that you need to be relaxed. When stressed out, the body and skin contracts making hair much more difficult to remove – and much more painful.


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